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S: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb
So nearly at the end of week 2...and I am sooo angry at EVERYONE! I went to work yesterday morning and didnt speak to one of the lads who works for me. I snapped my other half head off about 4 times, and really shouted at him while at work (which I NEVER do)...and today I am ashamed to say that I smacked my little girls bum:cry:! I am soo angry on this diet and I dont know why?! What can I do? I;m gettin so annoyed seeing left over food plates i'm being really unfair on everyone else because they are eating and im not! I felt so bad I went to the shop and brought a packet of biscuits (half eaten), and hot cross buns (1 of 6 gone), thinking I should atleast eat suger to make me happy and stop me being so angry!!
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I too find that I am very emotional. I believe it is because I use(d) food to cover so many feelings-frustration, anger, sadness, boredom etc-it is so hard to have to actually feel these things now and not smile, be funny and then go and eat!
This is not an easy choice, but it is that-a choice- you are in charge of it all, emotions included, at least thats what I tell myself; and try and find other things to comfort yourself-try manicures, baths, a glossy...nurture yourself-you deserve it. x
What an honest thread! Thank you for sharing your extremes of emotion.

I think on a very limited diet we feel deprived and our carb cravings can get the better of us. We know all the positives and we remind ourselves again and again but we still, inside, feel miserable cos we cannot eat yummy junk and lose weight as others seem to do.

Food is such a loaded subject for most. Yes it is a crutch to lean on, a treat, a sedative, a fun shared experience, a secret sin, and many more.

It's very tough to suddenly have to manage life without our good ol' pal food. No wonder you feel hyper-emotional!
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stick with it girls this does get better once you've been doing it for weeks trust me :D


yummy mummy in the making
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Just had to reply couldn't just read and run! I have been the same on this dietup until last week been on it five weeks now, Jay my other half has had a he'll of a time with me and we have split up once! Ably for the day but he said ive been mega *****y and unpredictable! Thankfully he said this week I've turned a corner and I'm more like the old self I used to be the fun loving girl he met 4 years ago, which is nice but yes Hun your not alone I've been snappy and grumpy too


Working on it
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Oh I hear you!!!! My poor little boy I'm strict with him anyway but meal times have turned into a nightmare! I try to just cook and then sit back and let him eat it himself now otherwise we are going to have a big row and it is not clever or big to row with a three year old, they forget and you feel bad!!! My OH is used to me being moody, I have never controlled my emotions well but u know that at the moment it's getting to her, especially when I told her to p*** off and eat her lasagne! I feel unreasonable and am trying but apparently it does get better! X
S: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks to everyone who replied...I fell right off the wagon last night BUT I am happier and in a better place today! I even did an exercise video to try and increase the happy hormones. :) Happy happy me! LOL

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