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Ann Summers- I don't believe it!!

I went to an Ann Summers party last night and the girl encouraged me to try on this "Sexy Secretary" outfit. I didnt think it would fit me let alone suit me, and it was a size 14-16, now I can just about get into some size 14 jeans but others are about an inch away from doing up around the waist, and so I was a little apprehensive about trying it on,.... especially as I am under the impression that AS sizes are not overly generous. However the girl convinced me I should so I went off and tried it. It looked AMAZING and I liked it so much I bought it :D

Now you may be wondering why I am sharing this. The reason is it has given me stacks of encouragement and motivation as it has made me realise that (once I am back on track from last night!) I WILL be shrinking- I already have shrunk- and I will be able to buy all these pretty things that in the past I ruled out as no go areas!! :) I'm so happy that I fit into it with no problems at all and some of the girls at the party even said how jealous they were of how it looked on me (mainly my boobs but then I do have an ample chest) but that it flattered me and my legs looked great in it!! :D :D :D those compliments worked wonders and I happily forked out £35 quid for it!! The bf will be getting a surprise in 10 days or so....... hehe!!

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Longing 2 b a yummy mummy

That is fantastic, I love that outfit...!

I am sure your BF will be a very very happy chappy the day that arrives....

My DH loves my nurses outfit, but will buy another when I get to goal..

Hi Wannabslim, I loved your post! It really perks me up to hear how motivated others are. My OH is constantly telling me I look great in undies but until I feel it myself he'll continue to be neglected in that department. Sounds like your bf will be in for a treat!!!
Oh how fabulous, bet you feel great and other half will no doubt love it too..............ENJOY!!! x x
You saucy minx!! Great stuff xxx


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brilliant wannabe

you could always post a pic in your new outfit, well done.


question how did you manage to get that score in Americas Army, blardy brilliant, where did you aim the gun at his crown jewels!!!!!!!!!!


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I went to AS shop yesterday too! At last I can shop in there now where I can get things that fit! Won't do me any good in the bedroom dept though, but at least I will feel good about myself! That then might influence some far flung destiny thingy and I might be lucky!

Its a great feeling isn't it!?
:) hehe thanks gang! I dont think I will be posting the photos on here tho Sun ;) oh and I didnt actually win any of those games- my bf found out my password and went a bit crazy!! I'm sorry about that- he is banned now!!

It is great to fit into things I never thought I would :) it is definitely a good feeling- and who knows, a few months down the line I might be buying the size 10-12s!!! :D :D

Just got back from aquafit and am now bloody knackered!! xxx

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