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Anne's Life~~~~

Since I am now back on line I thought I would also put my diary here...

It's great to read each others ideas...

I am very bloated today it's that time for me.... was ravenous yesterday but managed to stay focussed.... watched an old Movie in the evening to stop me from snacking....

Am going to do a red day today, have only had fruit and Muller so far as I didn't know which way to go... so am going to pop out buy some chicken to do a lovely casserole... (Thank goodness for frozen onions and frozen mushrooms..... bth add lots of flavours to soups and stews without having the mess or waste of buying fresh)...

I am addicted to green beans at the moment too!

Have 2lbs to lose this week to flip down to the next stone down...
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Hi Happe,

Yes I am going to class, my weigh time is Wednesday Morning!
Am hoping this PM water dissapears before then! I hate feeling bloated!
Are you in class?
Will look forward to reading your diary and seeing how you get on. At least you know the water retention thing is only temporary - till next month anyways. Yes, i always get ravenous beforehand too - always get a good attack of the snackies. I try not to keep biccies or cake in the house cos they'd just be gone :eek:

Take care and have a good week
Thanks everyone,
Feel a bit less bloated this morning so fingers crossed that By wednesday the scales will be playing nicely.
gonna have another red day today.... yesterday was a bit all over the place, was quite hungry so ended up snacking... today am going to try to even my meals out a bit more but I always feel more hungry on red.

Does anyone know a good syn free porridge recipe BTW?

Am gonna make some soup in a little while.... I mix a bag of frozen veg, some frozen onion and mushrooms and pepprs. Chicken bovril a splash of worcestershire sauce. Boil it up then blitz the whole thing, its really very very tasty and is free. I make a huge pan and eat it over several days if I get peckish...

Right have a hundred phone calls to make so need to get busy!

Hope you all have a good day today!!!!

Anne x
Has been a good day today.....

B: Had Porridge oats made up with water 5 SYNS
L: Plate of lettuce, tomatoes and Prawns with home meade sea food sauce (1 Syn)
Dinner: 1 gammon steak, green beans, 1 large mushroom stuffed with 28g extralight philly (1.5syns)
snack fresh fruit / muller if needed.

Does anyone know If kraft philladelphia can also be used as a healthy ex??


Anne x
Good luck at weigh in. let us all know how you do
Ruthy xxx

Hi everyone just got back from weigh in and I have lost a very staisfying 4lb!!!!!!

That brings me to 21.5lb in 8 weeks....

so got my stone and a half award plus slimmer of the week for the third time!!!!!

I am so pleased with myself!!!!!!! :D

Anne x
Hey well done on your weight loss!!!!!!!! thats great!!!! you must be so happy!
I had a good weight loss last week but im worried im retaining water as i have got my monthly and just craving everything sweet, im keeping in with my syn budget but i do feel i may have a gain simply because i feel so yuk! :(
Hi Ruthy, it's my totm too.. I had a few days where I really craved chocolate big time < i don't normally eat chocs> I lose my water about 2-3 days before I start my P.. so my weigh in was timed just right....

Have a day out tomorrow and might have a meal out so am going to try and work it into my allowance, if not I won't worry too much, but I won't go md eating chips or fried food or anything...

It feels so nice to have gone down in to the next lot of stones... into the 14's now!

Anne x
Well just a quick one here,
I have had several good days. but am really busy at the moment so not a lot of time to post... am looking forward to wi on wednesday.....

Hope everyone else is doing Ok....



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Hi Anne, I have just checked SW online latest Healthy X list and I can't see Philli on there. You can syn it tho
Kraft Philadelphia Light Mini Tubs, 4 pack 35g tub

Original 3 Syns
Green 3 Syns

I Kraft Philadelphia Extra Light Mini Tubs, 4 pack 35g tub

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Original 2 Syns [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Green 2 Syns

Shame cos i love philli, on toast, with cup of tea....mmmmmm :)[/FONT]
I need to check this because it does say 28 g of cheese... and yet philly is high in calcium and the extra light is very low in calories.... I must admit I've used it over the last few days as hex


Anne x


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Let me know what you find out, would be nice to have it as a Healthy X

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