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Annie gets to Goal.....and on to maintenance

Hi everyone :)

Tonight I reached my goal weight :bliss:
Soooo, as I start my 2 week 810 to begin the steps up into maintenance I thought a thread to keep me focused would be good.

Lovely to see all those who have made their goal or are very very close to it here.

Don't expect a very exciting food list as I'm veggie and also don't eat fish so it will be 101 things to do with quorn and cottage cheese :rotflmao:

Looking forward to sharing the maintenance experience with you all :)

Annie x
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Cambridge Consultant
Congratulations Annie.............. thats fantastic!!!
Well done you!!! You have done so well you must be over the moon!!
So pleased for you hon..
I have only just popped over here to maintenance today even though I am not quite at goal yet..
Keep smiling hon you have done fantastically well xxx
Oh Annie thats absolutely fan flippin tastic a massive well done to you I cant wait to see how you get on in maintenance. Im not at goal yet but am moving up the steps to get there - welcvome to the forum and well done again


Trying to stay healthy!
hi Annie, welcome to the maintenance bit, congratulations on reaching your goal, good luck with moving up the plans, lots of support on here!



can see the end in sight!
congratulations on getting to goal and enjoy moving up the plans!
Thanks everyone, I am really pleased to have actually made my goal weight :D

Today the amount of food I have to eat seems quite overwhelming (says she who 5 short months ago could have won a gold medal for eating loads :eek:)

Can anyone tell me what the quantity of tofu is for 810 as I can't find it on the forum and I haven't got my book with me at work. Thanks :)

Annie x
Hi Annie, Welcome to maintenance, you will find lots of support on here and any questions just ask as someone will have been there, done that before. Congratulations on reaching your goal, well done hon, I only have 1lb to go, but my inlaws have visited from Australia this week and I had a couple of slip ups, so will be lucky to have stayed the same. Glugging the water today, hopefully that will make a difference.


Stubborn tortoise
Yay Lazy, veggie gals get to goal! I will be watching your food diaries with greedy eyes as a fellow no fish veggie! So glad you made it honey... I am a bit wobbly just now but generally this board is a great place to be and there is so much inspiration and support it does help you to stay focused... just so happy for you hon! Now you are as skinny as your lovely skinny dogs!
Big hugs.
Isn't it funny how the addition of food is so overwhelming? As I travelled my journey to here I saw people posting that they couldn't eat all that they should on 810 and remember thinking *what is your problem?* NOW I realise :eek:

I've had a tetra for breakfast, a 0% yogurt for mid morning, half cottage cheese allowance with cucumber for lunch and somehow I have to fit in a half allowance tofu stir fry, a shake and a bar Eeeek!

Feels very strange to be eating almost normally now after so long relying on SS.

Annie x

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Tofu according to the book is 210g regular or 400g firm. A block of tofu from Cauldron is 250g.

I sometimes do half servings of cottage cheese and half servings of quorn or tofu. It makes the volume a bit more sane :)
Hi Annie well done on getting to target!!! I'm no way near there yet, but I do look at these threads too because you guys are such an inspiration to those of us with a way to go, just proves when we have our dark days that it can be done! I'm so looking forward to when I can post this type of thread, thanks to CD and minimins I KNOW I can do it!!!!! (Hopefully by Christmas!) xxxx
Hi Annie and welcome to the board, hope your enjoying your day and managing to fit everything in its so nice to eat again and feel normal good luck on maintenance honey xxx
Thanks for the tofu information Laura :)

I have really enjoyed this my first day and I haven't felt hungry at all where on SS+ there were days when I did.

Off now for a big coffee and a caramel CD bar *yum*

Annie x
Today's food plan:

Breakfast - shake
Mid morning - yogurt
Lunch - Cottage cheese and lettuce
Afternoon - shake
Dinner - Quorn curry with cauliflower
Evening - CD bar

Struggled with my water yesterday so must try harder today.

Off to the grindstone now, have a good day everyone :)

Annie x

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