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  1. Winklepip

    Winklepip Member

    Hello Cambridge People ! Last year I lost 4 1/2 stone in 5 months and reached my goal. I really felt like a different person and lived a different life altogether and vowed to *never* return to my old life. Here comes the but... and yes, it's now a bigger butt and my jeans don't fit ! A hop on the scale proved that no one can eat as much curry as they wish and scoop up peanut butter from the jar ( my absolute worst weakness ) and lo and behold there is a 1 1/2 stone gain.:(

    So, a third time lucky in as many weeks of day 2. All very familiar; yukky mouth and a million trips to the loo. I'm now focused and wanting my jeans and previous life back asap. I had started to avoid photos again; another telling sign.

    To all returners, you can do it ! You know the drill ! Love Winklepip xx
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  3. RudaAli

    RudaAli Full Member

    that is inspiring;;;

    Same situation as me (perhaps mine is worse as I reacher to weight that I never went to in CD Trial 1 :sigh:
    The good news though is that CD DOES work!

    I am one week old re-CDer and already lost half a stone :p

    So yes keep the momentum up and it is really worth !!
  4. kerry!*

    kerry!* Full Member

    How are you getting on winklepip? Kerry x
  5. Winklepip

    Winklepip Member

    Thanks Ali and Kerry :) Today I'm cold and hungry ! Brrrrrrrr. Working hard to exercise the mental "no" muscle instead of reaching for nosh. Looking forward to a long bath and painting my nails later ( that always helped before ) I usually eat Cambridge Original Porridge, Slim and Save Cottage Pie quite a bit of skimmed milk for coffees and some tuna or 0% Greek Yoghurt, they are the foods I like normally thankfully ( although I crave peanut butter 24/7 ! ) Hope you are winning Ali ! xx Are you excited and ready to re-start Kerry ?!! xx

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