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image.jpgimage.jpgHi Everyone

Well! It's been a while since I last posted anything in here.
I WAS on WW back in 2011, did well initially but lost the plot a few months in as always. Piled it all back on and more, got to the point where I hated having my pic took, hated shopping for clothes, which meant I hated being invited out cos I'd have to go and buy clothes!.... Which never fitted cos I was adamant I was still a 16, when I was CLEARLY an 18-20.
I was always hot and sweaty, told myself it was the menopause. I was so unfit too, my bp was climbing. I was too scared to get my cholesterol checked. I developed 'women problems' ...down below, without goin into detail! But the GP told me that my weight wasn't helping and by losing weight it would improve. This was all toward the end of last year.

I decided in December to get Xmas out the way they join SW. I'd done it before, numerous times, but the red/green plans and in my local group where then consultant was RUBBISH - I failed each time. In fact, in 2010, after attending for 6 months, I ended up 1lb heavier than when I started!

I decided to to travel a bit further to a class where I'd heard good things about the consultant.
December 30th was the day at changed my life, I walked into that class and something just clicked in me. I realised that this time it was different, can't explain it, I just knew that I was gonna do it.
I weighed in at 14 stone 2lb, heavier than I'd ever been in my life. I set my target to 11 stone 7lb, purely because it seemed such a big mountain for me to climb.

I soon got into it, loved discovering new recipes and fiddling about to adapt normal ones. I started to make lots of new, like minded friends in our very busy vibrant class, and within a month had started a Monday night Zumba class with another friend. The weight has come off steadily and with it my confidence grew. My clothes were fitting me again, and eventually getting too big!
For the first time in my life, I didn't put them at the top of the wardrobe 'just in case'..... I got rid of them.

Eventually, I had to go and buy some new clothes, the joy I felt at buying smaller clothes blew me away. :) here I was, ENJOYING SHOPPING!

I did a sponsored walk of 5k in February dressed in a cow onesie with my SW group. I did my first race for life in July (admittedly I walked it but I still did it!), I'm entering the Santa dash in December, I have started attending a cook and ride (cycle) course in a local park, we have started a walking group with our SW buddies and am starting a Monday morning cycling group next week! I cannot believe when I read that back that that is me! My BMI has entered the healthy range for the first time in about 15-20 years! I have a pound to go to my 3 stone award (hopefully tomorrow) I am now in size 12 clothes, have found my waist and shoulders and I have LEGS and not CANKLES! I am wearing HEELS again (my feet used to hurt too much cos of the weight on the balls of my feet! )

Last month I was nominated in my group Woman of the Year competition, which meant the world to me!
I am now 11 stone 3lb and my target is now 10st 7lb....although I may move it to 10 stone when I get there. I'm looking forward to our first holiday in 3 years next June and am aiming for a size 10 bikini!
On Saturday, I went into a shop for something to wear for a couple of nights out. first shop I went in. Saw a nice top and a body con dress....size 12, took them into the fitting room. Slipped them on, not ONLY did they both fit, I felt great In BOTH! I was ELATED! And instead of shuffling out and passing the skinny young assistant a handful of 16's with the excuse 'they weren't suitable' ......I strutted out, head high and marched to the pay desk with my size 12's and the best feelin in the world! Wish I could bottle it!

Onwards and downwards! :eek:


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well done :)
where zbout in liverpool ard you, I am in west derby :)
There is a minis meet in liverpool if you would like to join us .
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Thanks girls :)
acc, im in Aintree, bordering fazakerley. . Not too far from you. :)
where and when is the minimins meet?
26th oct at 12 ish lime st then wandering down to the pump house. Would be lovely to meet you :)
Where do you weigh in?

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Well done ! A very inspiring journey. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. You look like a new woman in those pics :D amazing ! Your family must be so proud of you !

Kay xx
Looking Amazing!! I had just had Lunch and was craving a snack. So I came on Here to stop myself. Your pictures have pushed me. Going to have a green tea and a walk now :)
Maria! That's brilliant! Makes it even better that I've inspired someone!
Acc, i will do my best to get there! :)
i go to our lady of sorrows (club) by where the Crown pub used to be on a Tuesday. It's a brilliant, vibrant group. That made all the difference this time I think. They're like my second family now!
Wow you look amazing
well done :clap:
Who is the consultant?
Do you have a diary on here?

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Acc the the consultants name is Sue Culligan. She's amazing. She lost about 7 stone herself so she knows exactly what we're all goin thru on our journeys :)

no no I should do a diary on here, it's just finding time! Lol
Congratulations... you look amazing!!