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Annoyed and hoping

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I've had a bit of a bad day, all started this morning at the hospital. Although all fine, why do doctors have to use words that make you panic when there is no need to. Anyway after a freak out (normally would have reached for as much chocolate as possible) I didn't eat anything and just had some more water.

Now I think I'm coming down with something so feeling abit crappy with that. Its my weigh in tommorrow and although I have not eaten anything I don't feel like I will have lost anything. I'm hoping this is in my head and the results will be good. I'm worried that I might have drank too much water and this will effect myweigh in. I think some days I drank 5litres or more, I'm a big drinker.

Sorry for the moan and thank you I'm feeling better.
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Awww *big hugs* CuddlyMama

Sorry your feeling poorly sweetie. It must be the weather as I've heard of so many people feeling ill this week. Well done on not comforting yourself with food in times of stress, that's a huge achievement!

If you've stuck to the plan 100% (which you have) then you will have lost weight, don't worry unnecessary please. You'll have a great result. I have had weeks were I didn't feel any different, and they have turned out to be my biggest losses! I was a huge water drinker before LT. So I was sinking up to 5-6 litres a day and my chemist told me to calm down. He told me I was drinking too much and he didn't want me flooding my kidneys. So I cut down to 4. I'm quite strict with this, I stop at 4. Maybe cut down a little if you can but please tell you chemist your concerns as they are more qualified than me.

I really hope you feel better soon. Post your weigh in tomorrow and I bet you a tenner you'll be so surprised!
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I have to say i feel exactly the same as you i feel smaller but i think thats the last few weeks weight off that im noticing. im worried about my water intake 2 so lets hope we r ok i know we will lose thou thats the great thing bout this diet you very rarely stay the same. ive my weigh in tomorrow too so lets hope everything goes well for us both.

be careful with the water you mite be pushing out all the vitamins you get from the shakes.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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I think you are worrying too much. If you have not eaten, you will definitely lose weight. Take it easy on the water. 4 litres should do tthe trick. Sip in small quantities. Weight will be fine tomorrow.
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Meep, hope you're feeling better very soon!

Fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow; but even if is a bit disappointing, you know you've followed the diet properly, so the weight loss will soon catch up with you ;-) Good luck!!!


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