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Annoyed with myself...need to FOCUS!!


A little of everything!
Well, my first weigh-in after a week back on TFR and I'm down 2lbs. I know it's 2lbs, but I really was hoping for at least 3 so I could finally say I'd lost my first stone? Ah well...
My picking demons raised their heads a few times during the week so I can only blame myself.:copon:
I may have come up with a solution though. I have discovered that if I divide a flapjack into four bits and have them with a big mug of black tea during the evening, I don't have the 'urge' to pick as much- so at the pharmacy this morning I got 7 peanut flapjacks to try this out for a week. If it works then I'll have (hopefully) beaten the 'go on, just a little bit' voices in my head, and finally realise that I'm just cheating myself out of a bigger loss by picking. :mad::cry:
Feel free to chastise me- I deserve it!
But hopefully my new 'plan' will help me conquer this battle?....:wave_cry:
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Irishmum....look into my eyes...........YOU WILL NOT PICK.....ever again......even after LT.........you will never feel the need to do that ever again.......you will re-train your bad habits into good habits...just 30 days and your brain will accept what you constantly tell it.....

Or there is always duct-tape over your gob!


A little of everything!
Or there is always duct-tape over your gob!
I may need to resort to that! PMSL!!:p

And in thirty days my brain will accept this 'no picking necessary' notion....bring it on!!! :D:D:D
STOP PICKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your next post will be to tell us how you got through without picking and how pleased you are with your fab weight loss.



A little of everything!
Please God you're right! LOL!

Any tips on how to stop doing it? I don't even want the bits I'm picking..it's like I think 'It's only a little bit, it can't do any harm'- how do I get out of that mindset???


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Hi irish mum
I think a lot of us can relate to that. Your idea with the flap jacks sounds good. Its only trying things that help you get to were you want to be. I find I have total control when on LT but when not on it I think oh a little bit of this wont harm me and before I know I've ate too much lol and then cant stop. We just have to recognise our failings and keep trying. So lots of luck and no picking except on the flapjacks (omg I would rather suck on a dirty rag than eat them lol):)


A little of everything!
So lots of luck and no picking except on the flapjacks (omg I would rather suck on a dirty rag than eat them lol):)
PMSL!!! Thanks for the encouragement. I know I'm not alone, and I hope by being public about my failings I can beat them?:copon:

I can't believe I'm getting a taste for the flapjacks....:p


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I think I will always be a picker. It's something that I'm aware of and something that I will need to tackle until my habits change.

Good idea about the flapjack though.


Here we go again!
Glad you've found something that may help the dreaded picking. Just imagine your weight loss next week if you didn't pick. It will be great.

Wish I got a taste for the flapjacks, can't stand them.


A little of everything!
Glad you've found something that may help the dreaded picking.
I hope it does help?? I really want to up my losses?:(
Hi Irish Mum
Im new to this forum been on LT fo nearly 3 weeks now first 2 weeks were no bother even tought i was doing it wrong as i found it so easy lost 1 stone in the 2 weeks ,but this week diff story i am looking at every piece of food and i just want to taste it so far so good i have walked away but i dont know wer i got the will power from .i keep thinking im not wasting the last 3 weeks for a small piece of food ,how the urges go soon.


A little of everything!
I guess thats just the upshot of it- I need to get myself some willpower!! LOL!


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Well done on yer 2lbs loss honey but tut tut for picking!! :whoopass:

Once you get that under control honey i have no doubt that you will be great on this :D xxx
Well done with your loss this week. Its 2lbs in the right direction.
As for your picking - STOP IT but also I tried the flapjack and found I was still hungry whereas the shakes fill me up. Must be the extra volume of liquid. Why don't you try a nice hot chocolate in the for your evening meal and see if it makes any difference x


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If and when you feel like picking next, hold both your hands out and use them as scales, put "picking" in the left hand and "slimming"in the right hand and have a look and see which direction your hand goes in. If your right hand goes down, you know you want to slim more than you want to pick. Picking is only going to make it harder for you hun and you'll end up being on LT longer. You want it to be all over and done with asap and picking is only going to add extra time to the diet.
Just an idea though. It works for me when I get the cravings. :D

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