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Another 2lbs off!!

That's fab! Well done you! X


not giving up
well done you that's great news, keep at it like you say just think if you were trying to that on WW it would take you months... well it did me anyway

Well done keep up the good work :)
I was on WW myself, took me about 6 months to loose 2 stone, put it all back on aswell :(


Staff member
Well done:happy096:
I am also ex WW takes forever to lose anything love CD tho brill diet well done on your loss keep up the good work :)


i will be a yummy mummy
Well done that's great I just left ww I been going 9 weeks and lost 7 1/2 in 9 weks went on holiday for a week and put it all bk on so re starting cd in Monday I hope I lose like u have :)
Well done keep it up. X

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