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Another bash at it!!

Hello all!

Wanted to start a thread that i can add to occasionally, wont be every day but i'd like to 'write' down some thoughts when i need to!

Anyways, i'm restarting on Mon 9th June, I have a lot of weight to lose, but im concentrating on the next 6wks, as i go away for the summer, so i may stop and do ww, depending on how im doing!!

so here goes for the next few days, im awful the first 4 days, but i get weighed on wed so that will keep me going! :D
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Hey, if anyones reading,

Day 1 ~ had to remind myself not to eat this morning! :eek:

im on my first bottle of :tear_drop: not too good with the water so 'll try my best!
May have 4 packs today, i'll see!!

Back later! ;)
hey, well i've just decided to be a naughty girl and take my girls out of school tomorrow to go to the beach for the day! we have a caravan on a season pitch so i figure why not?
So im off to pack a few bits, i'll spend day 2 on the beach, then i'll be back!! ~ oh and day 1 gone fine drank 3x little bottles of water so far, and 2x shakes, will up my water gradually!!


Queen of the Damned
Sounding good Emmie Lou :D
The girls and i had a lovely day at the caravan, we all caught the sun and the girls went in the sea, very nice we went for a meal in the evening and i did eat but i didnt make a big deal out of it, im not in ketosis yet anyway so i just started back on the water again today!

got weighed and id lost 2lbs which i was very happy with as i'd only ss'ed on the mon and most of tues, just think what my proper wk will be.... so excited!!
anyway off to the doctors again in a bit my youngest may have tonsilitis again!
Day 4
today is the day that i ss 100%!! :D

not much on today bit of housework, flit in and out of here and still looking for a wii fit online, so enough to keep busy!!
suns just coming out so im off to get the washing out!!
well for various different reasons i gave up on ss'ing, was too difficult!!
so day 1 again today, i will keep at it until i crack it!!

got lots to do today so im sure i can handle it!! got to get some water down me!!
ok well i failed miserably today, will try again tomorrow!! :confused:
so far so good! did the food shopping and put it all away ~ no problem, bit hungry but not ben great with the water so................ just read through someones thread and i feel really inspired now so here goes!!


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well done Em :) you go girl :D Where abouts is your caravan ? do you rent it out for weekends at all ?? (cheeky i know)
hey well done on finding me, was getting a bit lonely on here lol!
my caravan is at wittering, its only a tourer tho not a static so not big, i havnt let it out only family use it! how many of you are there?

your day 1 today, let me know how your getting on!
day 2 for me and i get weighed today, not expecting anything as ive messed around so much this week! just need to try for 100% today and the next 2 days and i'll have cracked it!!


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good luck for your weigh in :) im doing ok no cheating as yet :D struggling but still on the right track :)
Theres 4 us of, my daughter Emmalisha whos 12, Chloe whos 8 and joshua whos 2 :)
maybe you could pm me with what kind of a break your after and we could discuss it!!
well done for starting day 1, im on day 2 and im sooooooooooo hungry, have a banging head and i havn't drunk enough water but im still 100% so im very pleased with myself!


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excellent well done for carrying on, am proud of you :)

I caved last night again and had a banging head too :(

Dont feel too good today so am going to try again tommorrow

Its soo hard this time round

Keep at it tho hun your doing so well
Ah Em i no how you feel, however this time i told myself i would carry on having day 1's until i made it to day 2 lol!

I actually stayed 100% yesterday, im soo pleased with myself :D i could have so easily given up last night as i had such a bad head, i was starving hungry and was really cold, but i snuggled under a duvet on the sofa and watched big bro with my water~ which i really didnt want and i made it!! yipeeeeeee!!

so day 3 today, ive take pills and started my water and i feel positive so here goes!!
ok well i managed last night by the skin of my teeth!! basically i was a complete wreck, i had the WORSE headache ever, i felt sick i was hungry, light headed and soooo emotional, i had a good cry watched big bro and eastenders and went to bed!

so day 4 today and i should almost be over the worst!! i have a pop in later so i'll be back hopefully with some good news!!

thanks for the support emm, when are you trying again?
Lost 5lbs in my pop in, so im very happy with that, makes last night worth it!!
im also under 20st now and in the 19's which makes me feel a bit better!!
i've written out some goals, so i'll put them on here later!


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wooohooo congratulations on the 19's hunni :) keep up the fab work :) im bak hopfully tommorrow but no later than monday :D
Thanks for your support em!! im waiting for you to join me :D

i dont know how i managed it yesterday but i went to my daughters summer fete and resisted all the food/drink on offer~ home made cakes and pimms being especially hard!!:cry:

BUT i did do it and i feel so proud of myself!!
I also managed to get a wii fit yesterday so im all revved up and ready to go, its fantastic although i only got a small look in on it yesterday, i really think it will help me with toning and to speed up my weight loss!! so exciting!!:D

i cant wait for my weigh in on wed now and i love that feeling!!

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