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Another Beginner!

Good luck on your journey..I just started on Thurs. and soo far soo good. :)
As long as you use tiny amount. Look at the container to see how much fat each ml/g has and then work out how much you cab actually have. To be honest if you can do without it's better because spread is just fat basically.
Aw I love bread..I've switched to healthier bread as opposed to white bread..but I dont have it often..


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Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your weight loss! I've only been taking the tablets since Thursday so there's a bunch of newbies all starting around the same time for support and advice :)
Oppps! I was making dinner for my Mum but couldn't resist. I entered it all into My Fitness Pal and it dosen't seem that bad but I did use Olive Oil to the wok. Will I be affected???

Wok Noddles
Amoy Black Bean Sauce (1.2g per 100)

and ..... OLIVE OIL......:wave_cry:
i shouldnt think a little bit for stir-frying would be a problem. i am loving my fitness pal but according to it i am always way under my daily allowance. really looking forward to my weigh in now :D might book in with dr next week and do a 2 week check instead of a month
I used olive oil in my stir fry last week and didn't have any 'problems'

Instead of butter try a little bit of very low fat cream cheese, thats what I've been doing.

Oh and hello btw :)

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