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Another Dumb Q Can you take toddlers to group?

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I have been doing SW alone but now feel I would like to join a group the problem is we have 4 kids and no babysitter,and as hubby runs a bar he works most nights ,other than thursday day time ,which is when the only local daytime group is ,now the other 3 would be at school ,so it would just be my 18 month old ,I had'nt even thought of it as an option before but I read this on the SW FAQ's-
Q: Can I take my toddler along to Slimming World with me?
A: Do bring your child with you to the group if you cannot make other childcare arrangements. Your Consultant will appreciate it if you let her know and if you can bring some toys, colouring books or story books to amuse your child during the group. Many daytime groups have lots of young parents as members, and these will often have toys provided.

Do any of the classes you go to ever have kids there please?
Thanks :)
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i always took my soon when he was a baby he would sit now hes 18 months but i do take my daugther 8 alot and others take there kids to.
i've never had anyone say anything different groups to


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I have been to several classes with young children.

In one daytime class, several women had small children (like yours), they generally stayed in their pushchairs and were no great problem. If a child needed to have a cuddle / cry etc, mum would often step out of the circle and deal with any problem. Mums seemed to bring quiet toys, the consultant was welcoming.

In one evening class, one woman brought her 4-5 year old each week, he ran round and round and round. He would interrupt the meeting and have to be the centre of attention. The consultant was very welcoming, but it was very distracting and members were irritated by it (which must have been felt by the mother, making it less ideal for her)

In the same evening class, one mum brought her 8-10yr old daughters, who just sat in the corner (or with mum) and read or listened. They were no problem at all.

In summary? You know your child, and whether they will spoil the meeting for you and the other members. An 18month old is not likely to be a problem if you are prepared. I would say go for it :)
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Wow thanks for that I did'nt even think it was a possibilty ,thought it would be child free ,I am hoping that as the class is a 9a.m one that and is opposite the health centre and is the hall where they do the parent toddler group that there will maybe be some parents there.
I may try this Thursday the worst they can do is turn me away.


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you won't be turned away. Enjoy the meeting :)
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you won't be turned away. Enjoy the meeting :)
Getting quite excited now ,will be nice to meet some real life people who are as interested in slimming world as I am !!!
Think my real friends are getting a bit tedious of it now lol !!
as long as the children behave and dont disrupt the class you will be fine!
I think thats the main thing. When I went to WW classes the leader had to ask someone to leave as her wee boy was causing havoc, was running around, shouting on his mum an generally being a total pest. By comparison another woman brought her daughter who sat and just played nice and quiet, if she did pipe up with things noone minded but the wee boys behaviour was awful, and not fair to anyone in the class
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i take my daughter with me, and have a pad and crayons in the cupboard at the class for her, saves me trying to remember, my consultant also has a set of twins the same age, but eilidh has been great in this group.

when she was younger and my old class i was asked to leave the room if she made too much noise, bit difficult to keep a 1 yr old quiet that clings to her mum like a limpet...

guess it just depends on ur consultant

laura x


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We have older children at our group and one lady occasionally brings her 18 month-old, and he's no trouble. Personally, I couldn't bring my 2 year old, as I think he would be one of those that would wreak havoc! He's not naughty, but in a new place he's very curious, asks lots of questions and doesn't really do sitting still!

If you think your little one will be reasonably quiet, then you should be fine. Good luck and enjoy your first meeting!! :)

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We have babies and young children at our group. If the babies start to cry then the mum takes them into the loo or outside until they quieten down. Sometimes the young children can be a bit of a problem and then our consultant will ask the mum to move a bit further away so that we can hear what she's trying to tell us, but she's never asked a mum to leave altogether. There are usually toys and colouring books available which I think the consultant brings herself and 90% of the time the kids are quiet and well behaved.

Go for it - I'm sure you'll find other young mums with kids there.


Alomst there :)
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I take my kids along :) I have an 11 month old and a 23 month old, but they are both pretty good. My big one does some colouring usually while my little one sits on my lap :)

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