Another happy target bod!


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it seems totally self indulgent to start a new thread - but hey I'm happy so I dont care..

I got to TARGET last night!

Totally chuffed, as I havent lost anything in total since Sept (before my wedding) - lost the very small (4lb) honeymoon gain pretty quickly, but then have been yo-yo-ing around the same weight for months since.

Whats more, had a brilliant 4.5lbs loss to get there.

And even better - it was the last of my 6 week countdown, so haven't even wasted a week that I've already paid for - and its free for me from now on (assuming I maintain okay)
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Well done, that's fantastic :) congrats, I bet it's the best feeling!


Losin the baby weight :-)
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Congratulations!! :happy096:

Definitely worth a new thread! Must be an amazing feeling!! Well done x x


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Oh well done - you should definitely be blowing your own trumpet - you've done great!


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Huge congratulations! :)


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Absolutely fantastic!! Well done. Okay now where's the before and after pics?? lol


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how brillant news, enjoy the feeling you've earn't it:D


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Brilliant, well done x


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Oh that is brilliant ... Congratulations xxxx


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Congrats! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab job!


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Well done you xx