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Another interesting diet....


Gone fishing
Yes, it works well with Juddd, if you can't take Juddd anymore :D

Again, it works on a calorie basis, like many diets, but you just eat from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. They reckon that the average person will automatically eat 500 calories less each day doing this system.

Start exploring Juddd and you quickly find out about fast-5 :)


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
So, did anyone try this diet?

I've just been reading about it and thought it sounded quite interesting. I'm sure I could fast until 5pm I just think it sounds quite extreme to only lose 1lb per week! What does everyone else think?
Hi, I thought I'd resurrect this thread as I'm giving Fast-5 a go having failed miserably at JUDDDD. I have had no problem up till the evening at sticking to JUDDDD so I think I should be fine fasting till 5. Today was my first day and I actually ate from 1pm till 6pm which was easy for a Sunday but will be going 5 till 10 tomorrow.

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