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Another new year newbie!


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Hi guys! Hope everyone is well!

I happened across this forum earlier this evening and found the iPhone app and have having a bit of a lurk I thought I'd quite like to join in!! Can't seem to edit my profile through the app though, will have to investigate!

Anyway a little about me! Most people call me Mads, I'm 28 and I've been on the Rosemary Conley diet since March 2010. I've lost nearly 3 1/2 stone since then however I have hit a bit of a hiccup in as much as I had a minor op last week and I haven't been able to exercise since then annoyingly!

However I have been trying my very hardest to eat sensibly in order not to put any weight on, but it's difficult not to get paranoid about it! I normally go to class and do the exercise and I also go to the gym 3 times a week plus some Wii fit work outs. So to go from that to nothing is a bit of a shock to the system!

I'm worried about it mainly because about 4 years ago I lost all the weight and got nearly to goal but I met my now boyfriend and lost all focus and put it all back on plus more so I am quite pleased with myself to be about 11lbs off goal again. Just need to make sure when I can exercise again (next week hopefully!) that I get it together and get these last few pounds shifted!

Anyway that's a bit about me, I hope you didn't get too bored with my ramblings and I look forward to chatting with you all!
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You won't be able to tinker with your profile until you have either 20 or 50 posts, I can't remember. I think it's 50. There are other rules about things like your signature that can be found in the top of the forum. :)

Excellent job on the weight loss! :) You've done it once and can do it again, right? That's where I'm at.

I hope you heal up and are able to exercise again soon! :wavey:


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Ahhh the FAQ! I shall go and read now to establish these things, should have done that first!! Lol

Thanks for your welcome! I shall do it again, just very impatient! I keep thinking about the girls that are working out at my class right now and in not there!! Grrrr lol