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Another newbie here!!

Welcome! Really hope weight-watchers works for you! I have lost 1 stone (as of today, he he I'm going to mention that a lot) in 2 weeks, 3 days. And I've indulged (within my points of course) and even had a prawn chow mein takeaway the last 2 Saturdays! If you point everything and stick to the rules you will lose. Weight watchers helped educate me about the worth of the food I'm putting in my mouth. It's made me eat so much healthier just by realising how low in points veggies,salad and fruit are.
Wishing you all the best on your journey!
P.S This website is invaluable for motivation and support!
Welcome to the madness of WW on Minimins. I was following SW too and getting nowhere fast so decided to come back to the light side. Have the same amount of weight to lose as you too. New Start for me too this week. Best of Luck with it. :D


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thanks guys!

Im trying to get my head around pointing and out of the 'free food' zone!!!!

Im going on holiday in 6 weeks so I would LOVE to lose a stone by then, do you think its doable on the plan?

Ant tips/advice?

Thanks x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
It is very doable! Especially with the first few weeks as long as you stick to plan :p :D Welcome to Minimins!
To be honest I am not sure if a stone is possible in 6 weeks - if you break it down into 2lb losses then you'd maybe hit 12lbs. I think that you can always lose more in the first 2 weeks and then it can slow down - but everyone is different.
Check out the weight loss that one of the ladies (kakabubbles) has had in just over 2 weeks - brilliant. I am hoping for a stone off and some toning up for my hols in 11 weeks.
If you have a minimum of 4 stone to lose, it is certainly possible for you to lose 1 stone in the first 6 weeks! If it helps keep you motivated having this initial target and date go for it! What is helping me is setting targets but in the back of my mind always remembering that it's not a race and any loss is a positive change. Since focusing on the positive in every 1lb I feel much more motivated. Before on diets when I wanted to lose 3lbs one week and at least 2lbs the next anything less made me feel like a failure and I would reach for the crisps. That is so so wrong. Every lb matters and celebrating every lb is keeping me motivated like never before!
Whenever you feel tempted by naughty foods come on this website and just have a browse or even post asking for support...it will help!

If you have a big appetite and are struggling with downsizing your portions at first, fill the rest of your plate with zero point salad or veggies.

By the 1 calorie spray oil instead of olive or sunflower oil...helps save points as you may be eating a lot of stir-fry's lol.

Find some low point snacks that you love and stock up. Being able to snack on a diet has stopped me from getting really hungry and slipping up.

Do you like savoury or sweet snacks? If you let me know I can suggest some of my low point favs!

Thanks for the mention ladyvegas! Makes me feel even better that I am being used as a good example(There's a first time for everything lol)! You are going to do so well and be a beach babe for your hols! xoxo


Yummy Mummy! xx
Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome!

With regard to snacks I definatley have a sweet tooth especially on an evening! Im going to save some points so if I want a little something then I can. Ive been on plans before and I have been too strict with myself which I wont allow to happen this time - I need my treats! x
Hello and welcome to the site! I did SW in the past and although it worked to begin with it didn't last and I soon started putting weight back on! WW has definitely helped me get my weight under my control! I've got both a sweet and savoury tooth lol; love to eat everything to be honest lol. Some low point sweet faves are 0pt jelly; sherbert dip dabs 1pt, mega wham bars 2pts, and twister mini ice lollies 1pt; and meringues (points depend on brand bought; but are relatively low for a major sweet fix!)
Good luck with the weight loss hun, and we are all here to support you x
Sweet treats..I love refreshers ice lollies, they are only 1 point. Flumps are only 0.5 point each, sugar free jelly. Weight watchers cookies are ok with a cup of tea! Morrison's eat smart carrot cake slices are 1.5 points each, they are quite small but I think they taste more naughty than other things! Mikado sticks, they are 5 for 1 point maybe lol but say 4 to be on the safe side coz I can't quite remember! Sorry I'm a savoury girl lol! xoxo

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