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Another newbie - need some advice

S: 14st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.39%)
I've been lurking on here for a few weeks (sorry) but finally plucked up the courage to register (I think somewhere in my psyche that must mean that I know I MIGHT get through the next 90 days!).

I'm on day 10 and could do with some advice as I'm having a real 'Down day' today.

I have stuck religiously to the programme (except one day last week where I only drank 3 litres) but seem to not be losing much. It was really demoralising at my first weigh in to have the lowest loss. Most people in my group lost around 10lbs, but I lost 6.5lbs. Went for a pop in today and have only lost anouther 0.5 lb so total weightloss is only 7lbs. I lost 10lbs in my first two weeks of Weight Watchers (both times) and that was far easier than this!

THe other thing is that my mum is also on the programme at the same stage as me (though she is in the morning group while I am in the evening). We are carbon copies of each other and both weighed 14.01 when we started but she has already lost 13lbs.

HAs anyone else had a slow start? Is there anything I can do to guarantee bigger losses? I really need to see the big losses to keep motivated.

THe other thing is that I am struggling with the packs today. Is this normal for your tastes to change? Last week I loved the vanilla and the chocolate and caramel. Today I could only stomach the soups and also my first nut crunch bar (which I actually enjoyed even though it tasted like cardboard!). I'm not sure I can survive another 12 weeks on thai chilli and nut crunch alone!!!

Sorry to waffle on - any advice gratefully received :)
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Hi Beth and welcome :wavey:

I'm only on day 17 so not so far ahead of you and in my group we've had varying losses each weigh-in. Don't be disheartened as it really does vary for everyone and you could well find that the next weigh-in you have a bigger loss.

My first week was 11lbs and second was 3lbs, even though I had done nothing different!

Have you had the Ketostix to wee on to check you are in ketosis? So long as you are, the weight will come off :hug99:
Hi Beth, everyone loses weight at a different rate, we had one lady who did not lose an ounce in her first 2 weeks, she is now on week 8 and has almost caught up with the 'big losers' of the group. As for changing tastes, I could only stomach the caramel and chilli soup the first 2 weeks, now I can't even look at the chilli soup. I tend to live on shakes and the occasional toffee bar (however I am no more varied then chocolate and vanilla at the moment). But it will all be worth it! Well done on your great weight loss, I bet you will be smiling like a cheshire cat on your next weigh-in....please keep us updated. Angela x
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Hi Beth, glad you've posted and please keep on posting.

I wouldn't worry about your weight loss as each person loses it differently and 6.5lb is a good loss. Some weeks people have lower losses and then they get a big one it does vary but doing this diet the weight has to come off you :)

Yes my tastes have changed - at first I really liked the thai chilli and now I can drink it but it's not that good ... who knows maybe in a couple of weeks it'll be my fave. My suggestion would be to try everything though, don't just not try something because of the name - like I nearly did with the toffee bar and now it's one of my faves!



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Hi Beth!

You have to see my woes this week that I posted about to see that I have no end of troubles with my losses :eek:
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
you really can't compare with anyone else or any other diet. For some reason last time you started weightwatchers you must have had more glycogen waiting to fall off. I can't prove it but I would guess if you had started weightwatchers instead of a vlcd THIS time you would have lost considerably less.

You can't compare with your 'carbon copy' Mum either! her hormonal cycle will be completely different to yours if she still has one (obviously I don't know how old she is) and that can have a big effect, as can the beginnings of a cold or bug and any illness.

Theres nothing you can do to 'up' your losses other than really stick to the plan and make sure you do have your water and packs.

I would give it at least a month to balance out before making any judgments on it. I'll bet your Mum will have some slow weeks in the future when yours has sped up!

Good luck and don't give up!

Just to say welcome & hang in there! The diet cannot fail to suceed if you stick to it! We're all different & will loose differently so try & ignore the "slow" loss (I never lost that much in a week on any diet!!) & try & look at the end result. From the how much do you loose thread it soon becomes arrarent that these ole bodies are strange & go up & down all over the place!!
Hi and Welcome :clap:

Not sure what day I felt a bit demotivated, but it does happen. You then realise a few days later that you are still doing LL and the days are still ticking by.

I do know what you mean when you don't loose as much as somebody else. I felt the same way even though had a good loss. We are never satisfied. :jelous:

Keep going, I am only on day 17 and have found being creative with the packs is keeping it interesting for me. Just enjoyed a chicken stuffing recipe and used Tobasco as a dip. Also love making the crips with Thai pack, and made a latte with vanilla pack for breakfast.

Have a look at the link with the recipies and give one a go for a change. Also the biscuits are good with a black coffee.

Just think of it like Ready Steady Cook ...

Good Luck, and hang on in there :vibes:
Hi Beth
I've been on the program for about 5 weeks and yes it is difficult but you must drink the water.......I know its alot but for the first couple of weeks thats what helped keep the hunger pangs at bay... also the water puts you in Ketosis and if your in Ketosis your losing weight.....
Everyone is different and even though your mum is losing we all catch up in the end. Don't get down get positive and you must be postitive because you started the diet and have survived the first week.
Wishing you lots of good luck and i hope that because is a few weeks on you are into the swing of things....
Good luck on your adventure lol Pam xx


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Welcome to Minimins and the wonderful world of LL!!!
All the advice you have been given is very sound. Please don't compare yourself to others - your weight loss is your own individual journey dictated by oh so many factors - hormones, water retention, how much you drink, how your body intially reacts to ketosis etc.

One thing I do know - stick with it and you WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Some weeks I didn't lose very much, other weeks a lot, having done nothing different. After a few weeks you will see an AVERAGE weight loss emerging, which will be far greater than if you were doing weight watchers. And keep drinking the water - get your 4-5 litres down and it will help.

There were times I got demoralised too- but it is so worth it as you see the results in a few weeks.

Take care and keep glugging the water.

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