Another newbie question


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Sorry hope I am not annoying you all.

Just wondering what sort of scales the CDC use.

Are they like WW and standard issue and regularly calibrated?
Sorry i can't help, i weigh myself, I just meet my CDC every two weeks for foodpacks and tell her what my weight was
As cdcs are self employed they have their own scales. You are not annoying at all hun, ask away!!!

The scales are not a cd issue, but I would imagine they are all looked after by the cdc
My scales weigh up to 32 stone. I check them every other week by weighing a lb of sugar. If you are going to use your scales as well, try to weigh yourself in the same clothes and as soon as possible after your CDC so any differences are noted. You don't want to get messed in the head by your scales weighing one thing, and hers weighing another ;)