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Another "Newbie" saying "Hello"


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Hello everyone.

My name is Tracy and I've been dangling in the background for four days now, reading and reading everyone's updates and diaries etc. I have learnt so much, thank you! I just thought today I should say hello :D I am meeting my CDC tomorrow and will be starting on the CD on Friday, I am excited and a little nervous too. I am so looking forward to losing the pounds and returning back to the person I used to see in the mirror... :D

I know this forum will become part of my daily routine now, and I am looking forward to joining your "CD family" :)
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Hiya Tracy :)

Good luck on starting the CD if your head is in the right place i am sure you will get to goal and lose them extra lbs in no time. This site has been a life saver for me and i wouldnt have been able to do the CD with out the support from people off here!! Glad your going to become one of the gang hehe!! Are you going to start on Saturday? xxxx


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Hello Shanny and Tasha... wow thanks so much for your replies... that was quick..lol.. you both must be sat here reading everything on the board too.. this is a totally new world for me, I'm giddy..lol

Tasha..thank you for your good luck wishes.. I'm thinking to start on Friday as I'm meeting with CDC tomorrow..

Shanny.. thank you for your good luck wishes too.... slimmer by summer would be fantastic and I am keeping that image in my head :)
lol Tracee to be on this diet and to start it 'I THINK' you head has got to be with it really.!

Ive had real tough days and like today im flying so thinking ahead works for me hun.!

Maybe write down some small goals u would like to achieve, not huge one's thou.!

Yep slim by summer is the thought for you hun.! Keep in touch.x
hiya and welcome

i'm nikki and this is my 3rd time doing cd. the first time i was on a higher plan and got pregnant. the next time i did ss, almost got to goal then got pregnant again. this time, not more kids and i'm almost at goal. my kids were worth putting the weight on mind.

remember we are all in the same boat and are out to help each other as much as possible. any questions, problems, struggles etc and post as there'll always be someone that can help you out.
Good luck everyone for this weeks weight loses and to the new starters hope yr first week goes well!:D
OooOo So you start tomorrow hehe!! The first few days are hard but you will be fine :D I found joining a team really helps to keep motivated. Your more than welcome to join my team the 'jiggery pokery'. I mean we dont do the WI challenges, its really there to keep eachother motivated and support eachother, would love to have you on bored :) xxxx
Hi Tracee
I started my Sole Source today, so we began together! Good luck xx Take care
Hi all... thanks Tasha, I would love to join your team, I'm going to need all the help I can get... :)

YAY Sunflower.. we're starting together... good luck to you too. How is it going for you so far... I've kept busy cleaning everything in sight, today isn't a working day for me fortunately, so that's helped really. I've had an original porridge so far and the Oriental Chilli soup... porridge a little strange, but think I might be able to get used to it... Oriental soup, I found nice :)
Hey Tracee

I don't really like any of the soups from past experience. I like the Apple and Cinnamon porridge but only had it twice in the last week, just so I could chew on something!!
How did you get on in weigh in?
Take care
Tracee I just wanted to say well done to taking the first step to a whole new life for you.
Good luck on your first day. The best tip I got was try and keep yourself busy especially over this next few days.
Everyone on here are great support and I know without this forum I'm not sure I would have lost my weight ( now 1lb off 7 stone)

I really hope it works out for you as you seem extremely motivated and raring to go.

Hello all

Thanks Sunflower and PollyP... I've done well for my first week..... 9lbs lost! YAY!! I've been busy all week and have stuck to it really well.. the water intake was easy at first but I was finding harder by the end of the week.. But it's the weekend and I've got through week 1.. :D How is everyone else doing..
wow well done. 9lb is an amazing start and you must give yourself a big pat on the back
Keep it up.
let us know how your getting on
Well done on the great loss! 9lb is a fab loss for week 1. Keep up the good work and enjoy yr journey!:D:flirt2:
Hi Tracy, Im a returning CD addict. Lost 3 stone and put it back on again. Im also same height as you and from Kent.

Can you tell me are you still doing CD or have you changed diet as I saw diet status was different? If so, what is that diet please and is it similar to CD?
Thanks everyone....

Carolyn.. Oh I thought my diet status read CD.. I'll have a look! Yep, I'm doing the CD, SS and on Day 10 and doing fine so far... not finding the "not eating" a problem YET! I honestly think to keep busy and drink loads of water is the answer.

Have you started back on CD Carolyn? and where in Kent are you?

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