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Another newbie saying Hi


Clean green leafy machine
Hi all, just started on Atkins today but have been lurking here for a while, picking up all your fantastic tips and advice - and yes Jim I have a glass of water beside me as I type :eek:

I have a lot to lose so will look forward to lots of support fro those wobbly moments - but so far so good, she says cheekily after one day! Am missing my caffeine big time (nearly went to sleep at my desk this afternoon, second day in the new job, not good) but liking decaf coffee with soya milk, quite nutty tasting.

Some quick questions -
- Is green pesto a no no on induction?
- Has anyone tried the no carb noodles from the Low Carb Shop?
- I noticed they have no carb chocs as well, made with sucralose I think - are they OK for Induction? And what about Hartleys sugar free jelly - is that OK too for Induction?

I'm probably being naughty and trying to bend the rules, but as I'll be on Induction for a while, I want to stop from being bored

Sorry for the barrage of questions!:D

All the best, Susie :wave_cry:

PS - posted part of this message under Jim's sticky, then realised I should have started a thread - sorry for the duplication :eek:
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Hi Susie and welcome love.


1. Pesto

Food Item: Pesto Sauce
Food Quantity: 1 tbsp
Carbs: 7g
Dietary Fiber: 1g
Net Carbs: 6g

2. No carb noodles. I haven't tried these but I do use shirataki noodles, the real ones not the soy ones.
See Shirataki noodles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. The jellies and stuff may give you the runs. :)

Hello and welcome Susie! :wavey:


Carbs are Evil
Welcome Susie x


Clean green leafy machine
Thanks all for the kind welcomes - good luck Missy! - and to Jim for the ever helpful advice. Another good day today, mentally adjusting to being able to have steak and mushrooms for breakfast :)

Have ordered some no carb chocolates for those "must have something sweet" moments from the Low Carb Shop, and some mints (already tasting the ketosis) so will report back on taste and the sucralose, erm, "after effects".
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Yummy mummy to be!
I would recomend doing a clean induction (with out low cab shop treats) for two weeks then if you want to stay on induction start introducing the "treat" few and far between.
Susie, I find sugar free jelly satisfies my sweet craving - either plain topped with whipped cream, or made up with 3/4 of liquid, allow to cool, lightly whip some double cream and then whisk thoroughly with cooled jelly liquid, allow to set - and voilà you have mousse!!!


Clean green leafy machine
Yum, Missy, am heading to the shops now. I don't normally have a sweet tooth but you know what it's like when something's "off" the menu lol o:)


Clean green leafy machine
Sorry, forgot to say thanks Zimara - good advice!


Yummy mummy to be!
Sorry, forgot to say thanks Zimara - good advice!
No worries chic.

Induction is for getting your body kick started for burning fat for fuel, it also is desinged to help curb your carb cravings.

I do use some of the treats on the low carb shops. Here is a list i would recommend.

Dreamfields pasta, davinci sugar free syrup, barnetts sugar free sweets, Atkins bars.


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Hi & welcome Susie. Tesco's Classic Green Pesto is 1.2g of carbs per 100g :)
I got some lovely sugar free boiled sweets in Julian Graves & chocolate bits in Thorntons (diabetic stuff, very low carb). DH & myself enjoyed a feast & had the trots, big time the next day, lol. Steve ended up on imodium :( Hahaha
Why does the diabetic stuff never work its magic on me?????? I can eat as much of the sugar free chocs, boiled sweets etc and it never makes me go - not fair!
Bren xx


Clean green leafy machine
Thanks for the tips Zimara and Cinta, will do a clean 2 weeks, then stock up a few treats - and Immodium LOL. Had a good Day 3 - am really feeling full of food and boy can I taste the ketosis!
ah ketosis, I remember it well, the joys of BO, bad breath, stinky fluorescent pee. :D


Clean green leafy machine
Urghhh woke up feeling shocking this morning, really physically tired - is this the Atkins flu Jim? Not at all hungry either.

Thank goodness I'm not working today :)
Hi darling, very possibly. The good thing is you wake up one morning and you feel marvellous, top of the world.

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