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Another Newbie - Suggestions Plz?

Hi all, I've just started lipotrim today and actually found it really difficult, the thought that I couldn't have food seems to make me want it more! I've got a lot of weight to lose, but I've held out, and I know the next few days are gonna be rough, but I'm determined. My initial weigh in gave me a shock as I'm about 2 stone heavier than I thought I was and I already knew I was v overweight. I'm glad I've found this forum because you all seem really supportive. Problem being I'm having some trouble getting the 3 packets down...I've tried the strawberry and the soup, but not exactly a huge fan...any suggestions before I decide starvation is preferable?
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I will be skinny again!!!
firstly starvation IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO! your body will go into starvation mode and try and store fat and slow your metobolism right down!!

The chocolate and the vanilla you can do the most with!! Chicken soup i add a teeney bit of peper!!
Chocolate and vanilla.. try adding coffee.. or peppermint tea to the chocolate!!

Drink PLENTY of water...

U to day 4 it will be hard but then BAM your in ketosis and you can wave bye bye to hunger :)

good luck chick!!
Have a look for the thread entitled 'recipes' there are a few ideas there on how to alter the shakes and make them tastier. Stick with it, your tastes will change and you will grow to like the shakes, I love them now, but it took me about 5 days. The only one I hate is the chicken soup.......cant stomach that one.
Give it a few days and you will start to feel better and you will find you are not thinking about food so much, its natural in the first week or two that you will think about it, but you will soon go into ketosis and you will get that energy boost which will keep you busy.
Good luck on lipotrim and keep coming to the board for any help you may need. I lived on here the first couple of weeks.
Hi and well done on getting through your first day! It is v. difficult, but what I find helps is getting my mind in gear, read the 'put your head inside and your body will follow' thread on the main page of minimins.

It really helps me!
Hi welcome, i tried the soup twice and couldnt eat it fowl!! i dont like the vanilla and in the strawberry i have to have it with crushed ice and 3 sweeteners. The chocolate one is all i have now and i have that with ice cubes. I cant drink them warm. Other ppl on here have the chocolate one with peppermint tea so its like mint choc chip or split the choc shake up and have it with coffee as a choca moca and have the 2nd half of it later, some do the same with the vanilla and have it as a latte. couple of ideas there. some people may have more. good luck If you brave the first week it does become easier :)
if you feel like its all abit tuff, just come on here someone is always round to chat to

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Hi and welcome. This site could be your lifeline! The first week is definately the hardest, then things do get easier. Just keep looking at some of the amazing weight loss thats happened on here. The only shakes I buy now are vanilla to which I add cold black coffee. Goodluck.XX
Honestly stick with it,i never ever dreamed i would be able to but once ketosis kicks in you really dont want to eat,i have to force 3 shakes down a day,its unreal. i cook dinners for my family and it doesnt bother me at all,in fact i said to my husband if i could choose something i want to eat right now i couldnt because i really dont fancy food.cant believe i am saying that.please stick with it because it really really does work and is so worth it. good luck xx
On days one, two and three I just kept yelling to myself every time I got a craving "Thats it!! I quit!!I'll start again on monday"
But then I stopped and thought, theres always going to be a monday, always going to be a 'better' time to start... the only thing we can do is just barrel into it, head down, water bottle at the ready, and always be near a computer to log on here!!!

When I did Lipotrim before towards the end my body just wasnt hungry so I stopped having the shakes, maybe only had one a day, and I didnt lose a single ounce, never mind pound!!!

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