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Another newbie... yay!!


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hi ladies, my packs arrived today after ordering them fri evening, and i am so so so exited about getting started on the diet tomorro :)
im so full of anticipation and i hope i am able to stick to it, i have never tried this type of diet before but have decided its time for something drastic :eek:
oooo ...i really cant wait to start - hope my binging week in prep for abstinance hasn't made things harder for me,worried about the hunger lol

have been browsing this site for a couple of days now and just a big thank you for all the inspiration :D
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Good luck for your first day!! I'm coming to the end of day two today on Exante. Dont forget to drink lots of water!! I've been going to the loo non stop today!!


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Welcome and good luck, you will get all the support you need here


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how are you finding it so far? how long does it take for hunger to subside :confused:
o yea trips to the toilet, must prepare for that he he:p
Good luck. I tried a few similar diets before Exante but none of them were as easy. I usually find it hard to stick to diets in general (hence my weight now!) but have managed almost 11 weeks on Exante and still going strong. I am sure the fact that Exante is not as sweet as some other vlcd has helped me as I found that on the other ones I wanted more and more sweet things after I had finished the shakes! I'm sure you'll love it and start seeing the results in no time....oh, and from my experience if you have any issues this forum is the place to come. The support is great. Hope your first week goes well xx
Welcome in, and good luck. with regard to the previous week or so - what's done is done. Lets all move on ;) But on the up-side, whatever it was that you got rid of, is now gone and won't be looking at you.

Right - I'm not going to lie to you - brace yourself for an 'interesting' first week, but stick with it, and it'll pass. for the first few days not only will you be hungry, you will crave - your body is shouting at you to be fed. Day 2 or 3 may well give you a monster headache with a 'hangover' like feel, a couple of days thereafter might leave you feeling a bit limp and spaced out. but you should start to feel a bit more human at day 5/6, and then you'll be in the swing of things.

However stick it out, it'll be worth it. The first week's the hardest, but quite important to get done.
Welcome and good luck - if I can do the first week anyone can!


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome and good luck.


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Welcome,:553: good luck with your first week :) I'm on day 4, going ok so far just trying to keep busy! xx


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thanks ladies, just got home from work and have so far tried the tomato and basil soup... and i have to say i thought it was lovely! no diffrent to a lot of tomato cuppa soups, other than it was a bit more pinkish in colour :)
impressed so far but then i am not fussy i like everything normally :p
have been drinking lots of water, i do feel peckish but it isnt reel hunger yet so will see how tomorro is.

just a quick question... is it ok if i have a pack at 2ish,then 4.30ish then 8.30ish or do i have to eat one as a brekkie to start metabolism as in conventional diets???

thanks for all your help, i will be sure to keep all updated on my progress :D
Welcome jubles...stick with it. It's hard work but it does work.



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Hi jubles and welcome in, :D
As for having all your packs in about 6 hrs, personally I would not advise such a long break overnight.
Remember that this is only 600 calories on total solution and certainly while your body adjusts in the early weeks you may find that you need to split your packs in ½ so you can have something little and often throughout the day even though you do not feel physical hunger.

Love Myr xxx


Is a woman on a mission.
Hiya Newbie from another newbie on Exante.

Good luck with the plan. x x

Hows the water guzzling going? I can't stop peeing but I must be burning plenty of calories jogging up and down the stairs lol.

Love Boo x
Gaah! my reply's not here!

In short, I'm with Myr. leaving an 18 hour gap between 200 cal packs is not a triffic idea. It's got nothing to do with kickstarting your metabolism - it'll already be working like the clappers - but more to do with not feinting or feeling giddy...


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thanks so much for the advice- i will start spacing them out more evenly from now on so i dont make things harder for myself by making myself ill!
day 2 and so far and i still dont feel starvin yet, i do feel a bit hungry at times but i just have a cuppa and it goes :) bracing myself cos im sure the worse is to come- was tired last nite and had a headache but felt brill when i woke up today- had a sneaky peak at the scales- i know i shouldnt but i couldn resist and id lost 3lb- gonna try not to peak now tho til weigh day :)

tried both bars, tom soup and vanilla shake so far and i love tem all :)
thought they were really tasty- the shakes remind me of the frijj milkshakes in texture yum yum.

im going to start experimenting next week and try the mint choc shake and also read somewhere about a choc bannanna shake :)


Is a woman on a mission.
I love the choc shake made up with hot water, its like a lovely hot choccy. Also if you add a teaspoon of coffee to it...its almost like a full fat latte lol. x x
What a great tip - will be trying that tonight!


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