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Another newbie :-)

Hi everyone

Thought I would say hey and introduce myself. I've been reading all the posts on this forum for weeks and it has been so so helpfull in allowing me to make the decision to start Exante and become happy and healthy once and for all!

I have about 3-4 stones to lose and would really like to lose most of it by the start of October when I go back to uni. I've put alot of weight on in a very short amount of time, so am so worried that people will be shocked by the way I look when I re-start!:eek:

I actually started exante about 2-3 weeks ago but haven't been 100% really for at least the last week and have found it hard to stay motivated as I think I am actually obsessed with food! So, I thougt i'd finally join the forum to help me through this journey, and of course help anyone else if I can at the same time ;)

Look forward to posting and hearing more from you soon.

Amy. xx
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Hi - welcome and good luck on your journey.
Hey Amy, man I know what it is about food that got me hooked. I had to do something and decided to cut the cord completely. I have only been doing this for a week but the results so far are astounding and I am ectstatic that I started this diet.
It is always good to see new people and good luck, this is an inspirational forum and always good for whatever you want to say. Good or just want to vent.


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welcome amy, like u i become addicted to food, so i made the decision to cut food out all together, drastic yes, but i can say it is working well for me, i was hungry the 1st 5 days but i feel good now and no hunger. my cravings have stopped. I think once u stop eating the crap your cravings will go and you will stick to it better. Good luck and welcome to exante


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I also have a food obsession, so Exante TS has helped me to see that food is a fuel, not the be all and end all. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing you around the forum x

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Welcome Amy xx
It is so nice to have another on aboard the exante train. Why do I want to go wohooowoo. I think I am on a ketosis high hehe.

I lurked about on the forum before I started too. So glad I was brave enough to type that I was starting. It is a great motivator knowing that others are on the same journey, and I found once I had typed it I felt more committed.

We are here to support each other and looking forward to seeing you on the forums xxx
Thank you all for your nice welcome messages :)

Its kind of reassuring that there are other people who seem to have issues with food too, although of course I don't wish it on anyone.

I agree with the replies in that total solution has started to help me to see that food is there for nutrients and not there to be your hobby as it has been for me for a long time now.
I thought that not having food would make me more obsessed with it but it has had the opposite effect really. In fact, I have sometimes felt quite sad when my interest food hasn't been there, as if have stopped liking my best hobby! lol

Looks like I'll have to find some new ones :)

It would be interesting to know what you guys have starting doing activity wise since becoming less dependent on food....
Hi Amy, welcome. I have become obsessed with the shakes and the soup, cant wait till the next one, kind of taken over from food. I am into week 2 and not doing any excersise at the moment but start gym next week.


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I run my own business, so it has helped me to focus on that. It has also helped my readings. Must be the less E numbers and other rubbish I previously had in my body lol
Hi Amy welcome, know what you mean over food addiction, its always where i run to solve the naff stuff life throws at you.. I have a dog, so am trying to do a brisk walk every day and also been doing abs every night, felt a little light headed on one walk after going a bit mad, so just take it easy at first..have a great week love c xx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Same as claireabelle just said really, just take the first week gently. I tried to do the same amount of exercises as I had been doing before, and I was light headed, and so uncoordinated I nearly fell down a few times.

After that silliness, I have been trying to go for a walk daily, maybe only a mile or two, but always take my water. I treated myself to a pedometer and aim for 5000 to 10k steps a day. If I do less I need dusting I am that stationary hehe

I want to try to re start my workouts this week coming, but I think maybe thirty minutes a day max, and will try to keep to toning and a few light weights rather than cardios. As I think my body being quite big needs a lot of fuel to get it pumping, so slow and steady for me.

Walking is fantastic exercise, even at a slow pace. As you have to use more muscles and energy to provide the forward momentum.

You will do great, just remember to listen to your body. Its ok to have a few lazy days and early nights on this diet I think, as your body already has a lot to do adjusting to the new calorie intake.

I find this forum focuses me and keeps me on track.:17729:


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