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Another Newbie

Hello :]

I've been a bit of a lurker on this forum for a while and i've tried a few diets like diet chef and calorie counting and such. Exante caught my eye as it seems to be aimed at people with a lot to lose and that is most definitely me! At 5'6 and a whopping 256lb last time I checked, I most definitely want to lose lots!

I'm starting on saturday so saturdays are going to be my official weigh day. My first goal is to lose 5lb and get back into the 17's! My end goal hasn't got a definitive number but I want to have a healthy BMI so 155lb and under. I want to lose 5 stone (70lb) for my graduation in june next year but by the looks of things, I might manage more than that judging by everyones average loss being between 3-4lb. I'm so excited! I can't wait to start!
Wish me luck
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Hi, I'm hoping my first bumper pack will arrive tomorrow so I can start Saturday too! I'm so excited too! Usually pig out a bit before I start a diet but just refused a packet of maltesars and told my OH to eat them - that is unheard of!
Good luck with your journey hopefully we can spur each other on x


Been liberated by Exante!
I hope you both do well - the diet requires dedication and commitment but the results are fantastic and quick. Good luck

Thank you! I'm far too excited for tomorrow now! Not looking forwards to my first official weigh in though cause I haven't weighed myself for a few weeks. Hopefully i've stayed the same or lost a little. :eek:
Good luck FF, with your determination you will be the Belle of the ball at your graduation xx
I had my last meal tonight, veggie sausages with mash and veggies. I also had a cheeky weigh in a few minutes ago and bearing in mind that its the end of the day and i've eaten and drunk and stuff, I weighed in at 253.2. I've not even been trying and i've lost almost 3lb in about 2 weeks. :] Can't wait to start tomorrow!
FF :]
Day 1 is finally here! Woohooo! I had my weigh in and I am starting at 252.4lb. I'm off to make my first shake and I think i'm going to have a banana one! I think I might start a diary :]
FakeFrowns said:
Day 1 is finally here! Woohooo! I had my weigh in and I am starting at 252.4lb. I'm off to make my first shake and I think i'm going to have a banana one! I think I might start a diary :]
The pounds will be falling off in no time, the shakes are my fave. Not keen on the soups and I prefer the Tesco bars. Good luck for your first day, I found the 2nd day the hardest, I'm starting my 5th and feel really good I'm glad I kept with it in the first few days as I just feel good now
Hi Irishlass,
I'm just looking at ur stats and thought i must have misread it...Im amazed at ur losses...is it really possible u lost 38lbs the first month,well done...that the biggest loss i;ve ever read in here,its incredible,,,well done again...jennifer
Best of luck FF,i have about the same to lose ,my weigh in day is Friday...so we can compare and support,theres lots of help and info here,its a good place to visit...cheers jen
Would be nice to kind of buddy up! I've never done that before with someone. I've got a diary I started which i'll post my weigh ins on, do you have one? :)
FakeFrowns said:
Thank you :D I'm so excited for WI on Saturday. Just got to get through day 6 and day 7!
You'll do great :) you are through the hard start now just buckle up and hold on to the wagon and you'll be amazed how quickly it comes off x

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