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Another newbie


Have been reading for a while but thought i should step out of the shadows. I feel like I have been thinking about food/diets for years and years.

I always thought I was fat as a child my bestfriend all through childhood ( we were in same school/classes from 5-16!) was extremely thin naturally anyway our nicknames were Fatty and thinny! Looking back at the pics she was v thin but actually I look normal. From then I knew I was fat, and from
comments a family member made fat equalled greed and self indulgence which was disgusting. When I went to upper school I remember a girl telling me I must be sad when I looked in be mirror as I had fat legs ( did I??) couldnt beleive I hadn't realised and convinced my mum I wanted to wear trousers.

Started my first job and low and behold the person training me is so thin I'm shocked ( later found out she was diagnosed at that time with anorexia) walking next to her one day a group of lads shouted from the car omg fat and thin stop being greedy fatty and give her some of yours! I was a size 16 at this time
so far from huge but guess as she was wearing kids clothes we did look poles apart.

This is when I started my diet/food fixations and a unhealthy relationship with food. I've tried practically every diet going from
Living on shakes/smoothies/soups/eggs etc. When my Hubbie proposed I was already at WW and doing great I'd lost 4 stones and was at a healthy weight agreed by WW. Another 2 years on and 2 stone of baby weight to shift back onto full diet mode and back to wedding weight when my little girl was 6 months.

Now my baby is 3 ive put 14lbs back
On but have lost 12 of those since 22nd August by calorie counting. Of all the diets I've done thought ww was the best until they changed to the new points system ( why fix it if it's not broken oh yeah to make more ££ from me) so I decided to count the calories joined MFP and snooped on here. I feel
totally in control of what I eat and am
Trying my best to reassess my thoughts and issues with and about food.

Now I'm a at a healthy BMI people practically try to force food into my mouth- come on you look like you need it, one won't hurt, you are so lucky to be slim here have a biscuit etc etc. I want to scream it's not natural thinness it's hard work I count everything I eat I'm not lucky to be slim
I didnt wake up take a shower and 4 stone melted away I did it through hard work and determination!

Phew sorry that's massive but basically wanted to say hi and you have all inspired me/helped me without even knowing today I was reading some of the diaries and realised
I needed to say thank you
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Hi glad you spoke out today.

I am now at maintenance and I also get the "she is so lucky to be naturally slim" from people who didn't know me when I was more than 15 stone at 5ft tall.

I too hate it as I'm definitely not naturally slim and if I didn't still count my calories I would gain weight very easily. It's bloody hard work at times but so worth it. Thing is I want people to realise that I'm not naturally slim and it took a lot of work to be slim. I tell everyone I used to be fat ha ha
Good luck on your journey! And try ignore people. They just hold you back! Do this for you :)

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