Another newbie!


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Hi everyone,

I have been really inspired reading some of your weight loss journeys and hope mine will eventually help someone else.

Mine is the same old story really. Heavy for my height and very unhappy about it. Surrounded by beautiful people and I feel like I am trapped in someone elses body. I have the usual feelings of self loathing and really feel desperate to make a change.

I am hoping someone might be able to give me a little advice. I started SS last year and got to day 4. I was doing fine until I went into Ketosis. I was sick, dizzy and fainted. I had to come off the diet because I physically couldn't function - to work and look after my daughter. Is there any way I can make ketosis less severe this time, as I really want to succeed?

Also, could anyone advise me about exercise. I currently go to the gym and burn approx 400 calories each session (3 times a week). Obviously with SS I wont be eating much more than this! IS exercise ok, can I stick to a brisk walk on the tread mill?

Thanks in advance. I really hope I can make it this time.:)
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Hey hun, welcome on board and good luck! You could consider doing one of the higher plans SS+ or 810 and working down to SS, that would make the transition into ketosis a little easier especially if you felt poorly last time.

Re exercise you can continue but take it easy and listen to your body, nothing too vigorous!


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:welcome: Welcome to Minimins.

That's good advice from Porgeous and as you can see from her pictures she knows what she's talking about!

I did Atkins for a few days to get into ketosis before starting CD so that at least I didn't have hunger pangs and headaches at the same time - made my 1st week of SS a breeze.


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I cant really add anything else as the girls have said it all :) just as georgie said listen to your body when it comes to the excercise and drink plenty of water :)


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just wanted to say hello and good luck, I start tomorrow:D

I have been put on the ss+ plan as I do run 20 mins 3 times a week, and she wouldn't let me do ss:p maybe by not thinking I have ran, now I can eat the weight would of come off before now:8855: