Another one have a blip


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Im having a bad week, and its only my seccond.

My weight problems are due to depression which makes me comfort eat, and when i start to feel down, even with the most iron willpower every other day, i avoided my favourite food this weekend when others eat it infront of me. But today i felt sad so ended up stuffing my self with chocolate :cry:

Im going to get back on the horse and i know its my own fault for repatedly weighing myself and not seeing the scales budge even when i do my best to stick to plan... my biggest issue is coffee, i cant start the day well without it and i hate all the suger replacements i have tried, im using most of my syns on coffee and then craving something bad to eat.

Has anyone got any tips or can give me a royal kick up the bum...i so desprately want to make this work for me, i think it would get me along way on my journey back to HAPPY.

Thanks for reading. xxx
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First of all congrats on your brill first week. So sorry that you're feeling down, I too am an emotional eater and know the struggle that it causes. I think you just need to take one day at a time and congratulate yourself each day when you stick to plan. At least you can see what you have done and drawn a line under it.

As for a coffee subsitute, have you tried fruit teas? They take a little getting used to but I find as they cool a little they have plenty of flavour and are quite sweet, and they are free! It also means that you don't use your HEx A on milk.

Hope this helps



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Firstly, I do feel bad for you (and I have suffered from a binge eating disorder myself, so I do get what you are driving at) but I'm afraid what I'm going to say is going to come out as tough love. Sorry. Is the risk you take posting on a public forum I'm afraid.

If you know you have a problem repeatedly weighing yourself, then you need to throw out your scales and get weighed at boots once a week.

If you think that sugar in your coffee is costing you too many syns, you need to wean yourself off sugar in your coffee or get used to sweetners.

Losing weight is not a journey back to happy. Happy people gain weight/maintain weight/lose weight. SO do miserable people. If your depression causes comfort eating you need to sort out your depression as well as losing weight. Because if you get to ten stone and you are still depressed, you will comfort eat yourself back to the size you are today.
Go to the doctor or find a professional to talk to.

It looks to me like you have lost 10 lbs since New year, if I go by your stats. Many people would be very pleased with that loss. 1/2lb is neither here nor there on a weightloss plan.

I am sorry if I sound harsh, but I don't think your real problem is that you put on 1/2 pound, I think the problem is that you need to talk to someone about the way you feel, and that you're unhappy you can't stop yourself eating when you know you're harming yourself. But I do think you know what you have to do about things you definitely can change, like the scales, and the coffee. The rest of the stuff is probably beyond the means of an internet forum - we can sympathise, and suggest you do some body magic, or take a bubble bath when the cravings come on, and suggest low-syn treats but for proper medical stuff like depression, I hope you seek proper help.


S: 12st2lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(8.24%)
Thanks for the replys. It will possible help readers if I explain a little about myself. my depression started when my daughter was born 9 months ago, I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and I seemed help straight away, I take anti depressants and visit my go regularly, I attend cognitive behavioural therapy as well as bereavement counciling, so I have all the professional help I can get, 2011 was a very hard year for me as both my nana and my father who I was a full time carer for died within 8 weeks of each other, my nana of a flesh eating disease and my dad of cancer, all while battling post natal depression and looking after my young baby, during that time I just eat so much that I gained a lot of weight, I do know how to get back on track, and I know I can do this, but for me being happy is partly feeling like I have got myself back, i am trying to wean myself off the sugar, I just need to find my mojo again :)


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Sorry to hear about your problems hun. Regarding the coffee could u maybe try 1/2 sugar 1/2 sweetner and then gradually cut it down? I know it won't be the same but u will get used to it and it will save some syns, it cud be trial and error with what sweetener you like as there are some that are disgusting :) hope that helps and good luck! x


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Hi Mrs Sutton, So sorry to hear of your loss, that must have been a terrible blow for you.

As regards your binge eating when you are depressed I well know what that is like having been a depressive for the best part of my life too. Now at 77 I am still battling with it but thro' counselling which I had some many years ago I have learnt how to control it for the most part. It's rather like an alcholic having to take one day at a time and rejoicing in each day you can manage to keep your thoughts in a positive frame. I have had many years of trials and tribulations as you will see if you read my blog, so it doesn't mean that you will never be able to get round to coping and bytheway, 90% of the people on here suffer from one form or another of depression etc. so that's why they are here in the first place...:D

First of all do try to relax more and stop worrying about the occasional blip...they are bound to happen, even to the best of us!!

All the very best to you and don't forget success is only a few steps away...:)

P.S. I do like to reccomend that you get a diary started a.s.a.p. so we know where to find you and give you the support you really need!


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You said in your OP that you avoided your favourite food on the weekend. What is your favourite food? Is it slimming worldable? I find that if I try and 'avoid' foods then I end up binging (hence the reason I lost and gained a stone within 6 months last year) so am trying to stick to the plan 95% at the mo so I don't feel deprived.

I'm so sorry for the, frankly, awful year you've had and although I can't possibly imagine what you are going through, I too am an emotional eater (I eat when happy, when sad, when stressed, when excited, name an emotion and I will eat it!) but at the beginning of this year I had a long hard chat with my bf where we talked about my reasons for eating when emotional.
I worked out that when I was a kid I would always have rusks before bed - hence I feel hungry when I'm tired. When I was upset I would have a cry and a cwtch with my mum and talk about it but then we'd have some choccie or some toast as a distraction - so I'm hungry when I'm upset.
I don't think it was my parents fault in any way shape or form as it wasn't unhealthy food and I was always a skinny child but for some reason my brain has decided to associate food with feelings and that has been the most difficult thing to overcome.
Since I worked this out (only 3 weeks ago) I have said 'no' to cakes twice without even being tempted, stopped beating myself up if I do have a few pints and go over my syns a bit and started to consider every time I'm hungry whether I actually am hungry or whether I'm having a 'feeling'. It's the first time I've felt truly comfortable with the plan and not let it take over my life.

I'm very glad you are getting help for your depression and I really hope that works for you but why don't you try and consider WHY it is you use food as an emotional crutch and take things from there???

Hope that makes sense and maybe even helps. :)


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Oh yeah, and throw your scales out - best thing I ever did!!!!