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Another one restarting tomorrow!


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Hi everyone,

nice to "see" you all here again!. I've had a fantastic couple of weeks off and I dont think I've put all the 24lbs I'd lost on LT back on over xmas but my wi tomorrow will tell! :eek:

My friend had 5 days worth of packs left and has donated them to my cause.. I'll be going to the chemist tomorrow to get another selection of a week's worth of packs too to make sure I've made the financial committment to stick to it as well as the mental committment!

I'm not too sure if I'll be sticking to lipotrim all the way on my weightloss journey at £45 per week in Northern Ireland it is very expensive so I may swap to exante at some point.. but I'll be here to annoy you all in the meantime and I may even start a diary this time!

Good luck all us new year lipotrimmers!
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hey dellybelly welcome back!!

good luck :D x
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Welcome back dellybelly!

Best of luck with your new start for the New Year:)


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I'm back... Today now lol

Good luck Hun x. We can do this
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Good luck to all of you starting/started... Nice to see you back Delly x


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Well, I was meant to start again today.. but decided to wait until I'm back at work tomorrow (Tuesday). It should make putting day one in that much easier as I won't be home and thinking about food all day and it'll be easier for me to get the water drunk for the first day or so.

I have been eating a lot lighter today in preparation for tomorrow. Here's hoping that day 1 wont be as bad as I remember!
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Hope it's going ok hun x x


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Thanks Su and Chan.. it didnt go well today. I did ok through the morning and lunchtime , drank loads of water...had my two shakes etc.... but just couldnt get my head in the right place. I was feeling very very hungry at 3 pm this afternoon and no amount of food was making things any better.. I was shakey/sick at 5 o'clock and gave in and made myself dinner!

Now I dont know what to do! I still have 4 days of shakes left.. but here is my dilemma....

1. I only lasted 3 weeks on TFR the last time and was nearly driven bonkers by it before I finally snapped and decided to refeed! (at the same time, I'm really proud of the fact that I lasted 3 weeks,)

2. my 5 year old son - how do I explain to him why mummy's not eating. It wouldnt bother me too much but I'm a single parent and he is a wee bit chunky.. I really want to set a good example for him and get him into the routine of healthy eating and exercise!

3. although my niece's confirmation is only 3 weeks away, I'm actually quite content with losing weight a wee bit more slowly.. If I'm perfectly honest, the reason for the rush last time was a man (but I've told him to sling his hook now..) I still want to lose weight for myself, I just dont know if the head space is in the place for extreme measures... I know the results are amazing, but I don't need to learn will power.. I need to learn discipline...

Right I'm off to do my ironing and consider my options.. any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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hey delly, sorry to hear you gave in.

youve got to be in the right headspace for this diet. And you cannot make any excuses whatsoever. You must decided if your ok losing your weight slowly or quickly. everybody is different. For me, because i have 77lbs to lose, i cannot wait around all day and watch my life go by and each week only loosing 2 lbs. I need to see it get off and then i plan on working for it to stay off.

Last time i was struggling near the end and i had my fair amount of slip ups. I lasted 6 weeks. At new year i decided that i wouldnt tell myself that i cant do it and i decided i wouldnt give excuses. I would just do it. Even though i dont think i can do it,,im going to do it.

Thing is,, are you ready to do it. Are you fed up enough of your eating habits to do it? Can you face healthy eating for the entire next 12 months to lose the weight when you could do it in shorter than that??

I know its hard, we all know its hard. its harder than hard, and every day we have a constant battle with ourselves over whether or not we could just have one piece of food, and before we know it weve eaten a whole dinner and leftovers..and then said,,shove it,,ive eaten this much ill just have that as well.....

Every single person on this planet has the capacity and the willpower to do whatever they want to do. As long as they put their mind to it. Do you want it bad enough? what do you want to llook like in the summertime??

As for the confirmation, is there any way you can go and not eat at it? because if you start back now all positive it will be very hard to come off and go back on again if you said you struggle at week 3.

Im in my final year of college and i have cleared my entire social calender from now until May. i have lots of work to keep me busy, and yes ill miss a few parties, but for once in my life i will be happy when i get there!

honestly take some time out and think about what you want to do, but remember sometimes the right decisions are the hardest decisions. this is going to be so so tough,,, but it can be done and you can do it!!!

As for your Son, bring him for walks etc keep him healthy. And tell him that your doing a nutritional correction. Its advised by the doctors,,,,etc,,, hell understand, kids are great like that!!!

good luck and i hope what i said came out right!... just believe in yourself and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldnt do it :) were all here for you xxxxxxxx


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Fantastic post by Pudge......

Delly, only you can decide sweetheart but clearly you don't hate yourself enough ......yet.

Personally I'd just chalk today down to experience and get right back on the diet, life's just too short to waste it on dreaming about what ifs......and will you really stick to ww or the like? Is LT the first time that you have tried to diet? Long term, diets really don't work, we all know that, you have to make lifestyle changes.......I'd love to be able to say with confidence that I'm never going to put the weight back on but I can't!:sigh: but my head's in a good place at the moment:D

If you're going to do it then do it for you, not some bloke! As for your son, surely he's too little to understand?

Come on, you CAN do this x


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Sandra, I'd love to say that LT is the first time I've tried to diet.. I have now tried them all! WW/SW/Rosemary Conley... all with various levels of success but they've all gone the same way. I hit a blip around TOTM... I usually put on between 3- 5lbs and then it all goes to hell in a handbasket and I end up back on square 1.

The only time I was truely successful on a diet was back in 1996, the old old ww style where you had a set number of carbs/protein/dairy/fruit and veg every day and 500 cals. I was walking for about an hour and a half every day too and I went from 14 stone down to 12 stone and felt fab! Met my ex husband and went back up to 14 stone again

I was caught up in the Omagh bombing in 1998 and went up to almost 18 stone

I was trying to get pregnant between 2001 and 2005 and on all sorts of treatments. Managed to get to just under 14stone on Rosemary Conley but put that all back on when I fell pregnant with DS in 2005...

I managed to get down to 15st 10 for a holiday in cyprus on Weight watchers points when DS was 10 months old..

I lost almost 2 stone when my OH left me in 2008 to ride motorbikes, jump out of aeroplanes and go with strange women, but then that all went back on.. I was at counselling over the break up and tried to address the issues with him but couldnt seem to get anywhere.. NLP'ing and hypnotism didnt work.

Everytime I try to start a diet I get to about the second or third day and sabotage myself by having a massive binge - eating to beyond the point of nausea but never stopping and I dont know why I do it. Last year I joined Slimming world once and weight watchers twice!

Sandra: I do hate myself, I hate the fact that I'll sit down and eat 3 movie sized bags of sweets, plus crisps, drinks and a large bar of chocolate often after I've had a takeaway. I hate the fact that I eat all the biscuits or treats so that my DS doesnt have any left and he gets really upset.

I just dont know if Lipotrim is the answer.. because I'm not learning anything while I'm doing this diet. I'm not dealing with my bingeing issues, I'm not dealing with how out of control I get around food.. I'm pretty sure that when I do lose all this weight, most of it is going to go straight back on.. so what's the point? I may as well be fat forever and learn to live with it!


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you will not be fat forever if you refuse to be... youve had a rough time and its horrible that you and your body have gone through all that.

i think being scared that its all going to go back on is normal. this time we take to lose the weight isnt just to go..oh yayyy bikini time. the time taken off isnt a quick fix. the time we take to do this is the time we take to find ourselves, find out who we really are. its the time for us to read and learn all about what type of person each of us is.

read books on overeating bingeating, emotional eating etc...thats what im doing and for once in my life it is actually helping!

come to realise that something has to be done about the situation,,which you have,, and then learn how to change the way you look at food.

i know i wont be happy until the weight is gone, i know i wont believe in myself until the weight is gone. once i do this, i know i will have so much confidence and self belief because i was able to lose it. i know that i will look at food in a different way. yes there will be days where i have yummy food, but in moderation, instead of the three hour binge and then 20 hour starve i was doing before! You can do it too, just think how happy you can be!

i hope you choose the right diet for you, and only you know what that is, just make sure that you believe in yourself if we believe in you! :) *HUGS* xx :D


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Good luck Dellybelly! x
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Delly... I feel a bit like you... I have tried loads of diets and failed..(Many years ago I also tried to lose weight with illegal stuff and that never worked long term either). I hated myself too, but that never entered my head when i ate a packet of biscuits or 3 chocolate bars and a multipack of crisps!!
You need to do what is right for you, but going into LT with a negative stance is almost certainly going to make you fail... It is so bloody hard to do, you need to get your head in gear first.. If you are not there, you are wasting your money hun.... Can you not try 2 shakes and a healthy meal for a few days and see how you feel? I know it sounds easy (and i also know that it isn't easy to do!!) but could you not stop buying the crap so that it is not in the house at all? Or, if you HAVE to get it for your son (which, in all honesty, you don't) can you buy stuff that really will not tempt you? If he is back at school can you not get him a treat from the shop after school so there is not a stock of it indoors?

I know exactly how you are feeling hun... Please believe me, i am exactly the same.. I was so chuffed at losing the weight i did recently on LT, but i have put on 12lbs so far, and am not coming back to LT yet... I need to learn about self control, and although LT gives you a great boost with the weight loss, it does nothing to address the underlying issues that made you fat in the 1st place... And if those issues are associated with a food obsession rather than an exercise problem, i think further help is needed afterwards... Can you not do this for a while and then go straight to Rosemary Conley or WW or Slimming World to keep you losing?

You don't want to be fat, so you don't need to resign yourself to being fat, but you do need to start taking some action to minimise the risk of overeating... If the junk food wasn't in the house, what would you do? Would you get your son up out of bed to take him out just so you can get a chocolate bar? .. I hope not!! lol..... (I must admit though, i would think about it!! pmsl)

Seriously though hun, LT is helpful in that way.. It stops you eating anything other than your 3 shakes a day.. All you have to do, is don't buy anything else

None of us can tell you what to do hunni, but i hope you reach a decision that suits you and your son x x x


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Thank you Pudge, Mirjam and SS... for your lovely & supportive posts for me. The moany old cow has returned lol!

SlimmerSue the idea of doing the shakes plus a healthy meal for a few days really appeals to me.. so I think I'll do that for the next few days as I really dont mind taking a shake for breakfast and lunch.. The next step would be replacing the evening meal after that and hopefully it wont be too bad from there. Its more than 85% likely that I'll be back on Lipotrim TFR 100% by the end of the week..

Man what a struggle! Thank you .. you're all total sweethearts! xx


addicted to minimins!!
S: 16st4lb C: 16st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st2lb(0.88%)
no problem...best of luck girlie :) youll be fine..xxx


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We are all soooo bloody good at dieting aren't we? We could write books on the subject yet not one of us has ever kept it off yet.....even the ladies on Maintenance are still struggling.....

I have to admit, and indeed did so in an earlier thread, to having had some NLP sessions last summer, too long to explain here and it's not something to be entered into lightly but I will say that it's worth googling it if you have 'issues'. I went about something entirely unrelated, various stuff was uncovered and I don't think that it's any coincidence that I managed to find the strength to do LT .......

There is always a reason as to why we behave the way we do and over-eating, or whatever you care to call it, is just another form of behaviour and the patterns can be broken.....apparently!


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Hi Delly

Lots of good advice so far, and I'm afraid I can't add to it as it's all pretty much what I would've said anyway. Hopefully the way forward for you will be with the shakes and a protein meal each day, and I wish you lots of luck with that.

As for what you tell your son when you're not eating, I've told my boys (they are 10 and 7) that I have a bad tummy (nothing dangerous or serious or anything) and that I have to just have this special medicine each day that will keep me healthy until my tummy gets better.

Good luck hun xx

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