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Another one thinking of swapping :(

Hi , as some of you will know I have done well on LT and lost nearly 5 stone but really struggling now and thinking that my body needs a break .. so i am thinking of swapping to CD to do the sole source + ( which adds a very low cal , low carb meal ) for a while so I dont blow it completelly .
NICE ( National Institute of Clinical Excellence ) have guidelines that state it is unhealthy to stay in Ketotsis for more than 12 weeks continuously , and CD comply with this by doing a few weeks of 810 calories after 12 weeks , then back onto it and some say it helps to bump start the weight loss again , which really does make sence !!
I am awaiting an appointment with a CD councellor and see what they say .. as I have to do something or I am going to fall off this amazing ride that is TFR !!
I am still not sure if I will swap .. but am gonna do some research ..
any opinions ??
Thanks ladies
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I think it's a good idea. I am only starting but I was thinking of doing this myself in a few weeks. U might want to do the LT Refeed first though as it does allow you also a small meal.


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I think its a good idea, better then falling off the wagon.

My friend used to be a consutant for CD, her and Husband lost loads on it and could eat!!!

You will have a lot more variety and won't be feeling like you are now.

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Let me know how you get on! I always wanted to use lipotrim as a starting point to my weight loss but being a regular on here has made me think its more the norm to stay on it until you have completed your journey. I'm a bit mixed up in my head at the mo so am considering all options xx
Yeah , LT has been great as a start point but I feel I now need more variety to my diet so my taste buds dont go into overdrive when I start eating again and I also dont think it is healthy to stay in ketosis for that amount of time without a break . I too think a change can be as good as a rest and rather than struggle .. i feel i am taking a positive step to make sure i succeed :)


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I have done just that so i recommend it hun. I wouldn't do refeed tbh as the refeed products are yuk,lol
Go and see the CDC and she will explain it all to you. If you stay in ketosis while swapping you should get the bars straight away too and i have to say they are such a nice change from shakes. They are choc bars and taste really nice.(not like LT flapjack)
When are you going to see her? I have to say it is nice to have someone to call or text anytime for some advice or support, even though the gang on here are amazing sometimes no one answers or is around.
Anyway let us know what you decide to do, i am on ss+ too. Good luck!
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Oh Kate you're doing so well! But if CD will keep you doing it then good luck with it mate. You're still my inspiration! Let me know all about the CD though. You're doing awesome and this change may kick start you again! xxx

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Katie, that is very interesting. I have been very poorly for the last two weeks, viral thing. Could hardly get the shakes down. My doc does not approve of lengthy periods on TFR and has asked me to give it up. I have been stubborn and stayed on it as I had a lot to lose. Now I am thinking that maybe it is time to listen to the doc. If I don't start to feel better soon, I will have to do something about it. It will be interesting to see what your CDC has to say to you.
take care.

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