Another question from a newbie


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I had my doctors consent to d LL, but I dont really know wat my BMI was....chose CD anyway and didnt need his consent...are you having trouble with it? I would imagine your doctor would at least want you to try to lose weight if your BMI is over 30 really....but then again, some doctors are stuck in the dark ages!!


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G: 12st0lb
I am doing lipotrim which i get from chemist so i didnt need consent, not sure about cambridge diet.



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I dont think anyone has had trouble as such, just sometimes the GP may like to know more about it than just signing a form, if you are otherwise healthy and dont have any contraindications then all should be well.


I was wondering this Question also. I'm going to see the counsellor this Saturday, I'm pretty nervous!

I'm on Blood Pressure meds at the moment which have taken my BP to normal, so I'm a bit worried about that. Anyone else take blood pressure meds who have been ok to do CD?

I'm hoping my doc will sign the form too! Going to see her on Monday so fingers crossed!!

Good luck to you Lisaloooo


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Its great to have buddies, dont forget as well, there are loads of us here to help x