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Another Restart.....

Well guys im back again with my tail between my legs.I was due to restart on the date in my sig but never did!:sigh: Now ive probaly put on another stone as im now a tight size 18!:eek:
Tomorrow is my restart date(again) I so need to due this,i just could scream that ive put the weight back on...all i can say its plan greed!!!!!
I just dont know why i cant get back into this as i know the results are fab(went from a 26-28 to nice curvy 12)
Ive about 2 weeks worth of shakes then ive got to go back to the chemist which im very ashamed about.Every week they was comenting that im the best loser yet and they was so proud of me,they became my friends and would have a good natter at each weigh in.Im even thinking of going out my way to another chemist so i dont have to face them.
Anyway wish me luck.

My goal is size 12 before xmas!!!!!
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awww, Vicky if they were nice before they are bound to be lovely again. And supportive...

good luck!


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Ahh honey!!! I have just restarted, put on 1st 3lbs over my 11 weeks off due to all my holidays and copious amounts of alcohol!!! but i am back, going to lose that 1st and get to my ulitmate goal.

It isnt easy at all being back on food is it!? its much easier living on shakes!! but you will get there. take each step one at a time. :)

p.s ... welcome back :hug99:


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Oh, i do have a suggestion though!!

This time throw away all your clothes as they get too big for you!!!! This is what i did and i was so worried i wasnt going to fit into all my new sexy slimmer clothes that it did make me stop and think (obviously not that much seeing as i put on a stone but me clothes still fitted :giggle:).

This time you wont have any bigger clothes to fall back into so easily and so you'll have to go and buy more clothes resulting in more money being spent etc ... just a suggestion :D
good luck and best of luck
May be you are slow because the shakes are not the nicest but once you get into the frame of mind you will be flying. Could you go to a different chemist maybe?


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good luck and best of luck
May be you are slow because the shakes are not the nicest but once you get into the frame of mind you will be flying. Could you go to a different chemist maybe?
Again, speak for yourself. You cant say the shakes arent the nicest as some love them (me for one) and some arent too keen. Its each to their own.

I would say go back to the same chemist :) sure, maybe youll feel a little embarrased but if they are friendly and make you welcome i am sure all will be fine :)
Thanks guys for the welcome back.Im def going to give it 100% tomorrow.After the first week ill be fine its just getting to that point.
The shakes are ok once i get used to them,i only have the choc shake.When i get back into it im sure they will taste just like mcdonalds again lol.
Think im going to just use my old chemist and if there not ok ill go to the other one.

Good luck with your restart tomorrow. I went for my first weigh in today and the lady was a miserable whatsit, but the alternative is another 10 miles so I shall carry on regardless. I'm sure if they supported you before then they will do again.
Best of luck


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Ah ya know i'm always around chick if it starts to get tough - we can do it together :)
I think you should go back to your first pharmacist. Having a supportive chemist makes this journey so much easier. They will understand and they mite be able to help you more during your maintenance since they know you stumbled before.
Welcome back, best of luck with your restart!

I think if you have a good relationship with your pharmacy you should stick with them - mine are absolutely useless, so, it's probably worth swallowing your pride! Besides, you're not going back at your start weight, you've still kept off the majority of it! :)

Hey hun

Welcome back- and well done for getting back onto LT. Ok you may have put a bit back on...but I'm betting your old chemist will be delighted to see you and, as they sound supportive, it would be the best plan to go back to them. It makes the difference doesn't it!!

Good luck :)



Positivity is the key
welcome back and wishing you all the best of luck. Hope your restart goes well. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.


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Hi Fun

Welcome back!!!!! Go to your usual chemist...you will feel a little strange to start with, but at the end of the day you are doing something positive about the gain. Dont worry, they wont be judging you...they will be happy to see you are nipping it in the bud.

Look forward to seeing how you get on, and use the time wisely whilst on LT to get to know your food demons and why you put on weight. Ideal opportunity :)

Hang in there and keep posting and getting all the support you need.

Take care
hey vicky im very like you i tried to restart but it never happened i too have 2 weeks of shakes left over and am around 12 6 also, so i know what you are going through, good luck to you and me, you feel a bit peed off dont you
Thanks guys,Today is day 1 of getting back into my skinny jeana and knee high boots for when santa comes lol.
Just posted in another message that i wasnt hungry yet but as soon as i said that the rumbles started lol.
Im off to fill up my bottle and drink some more lol.
Good luck all you restarters xxxx


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ahh good girl vicki :) bring on ketosis hey!!! :p

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