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another successful day out :D


a new way of living!
Hey folks,

well as planned i have seen a couple of friends this week, usually meet people for coffee/cake/lunch etc, but told them i was not eating (mentioned my jaw issue rather than diet until i met them to explain) anyhoo....

I made both of them route march around either the town we were in or a local park, chatting as we went, rather than eating - burning rather than storing extra cals and fat :D

then we went for a coffee/water to finish off.

i successfully manouvered around another ice cream van, a cream tea, cakes and biscuits, sarnies etc... pastries, chippies - you name it!

it amazes me now how much food is thrust upon us and waved about to tempt us.

i feel really chuffed with myself, as although it smelt nice in places and ice cream was a temptation, i never actually felt i was 'fighting' temptation... i felt i was choosing against it.

in costa's, i had an earl grey and my friend (who has got quite a bit bigger since i last saw her) was downing a large frappachino whatever you call it cold coffee with cream and a chocolate flake mashed in... it looked gross!

me so chuffed now - i could sing :D:D:D

i feel really rebelious too, like i am bucking the system a bit, not falling for the marketing and hype and sexy food suggestions, that - well make you very unsexy after eating too many of them!

me happy now, la la la la la

mmmm time for bed before i get hyper!

nighty nights

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la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice one :) x


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You have great willpower Helen, fair play to you. Food is everywhere, everywhere. You are doing really well though and you really must be feeling the benefits.
Petrol stations are the worst for me. They have all these pre made foods everywhere, in your face. It annoys me but i think it was one of my downfalls. Now that i'm aware of it i can address the problem.
Now i treat myself to .......bottle of ice cold water ...hehe


a new way of living!
i have started to really enjoy my water now :D i was a sucker for service stations too - watch the dispatches film on sarnies, that'll put you off preprepared stuff for life!!


Posts when she can
Wonder when it will be on again. I'm raging i missed it.
Hi Teg, Im sure if you have a look on the channel 4 website you can dowload it. If not its bound to be repeated on More 4 very soon..... Everything else is!!


a new way of living!
there is a link on the thread to watch it on line, look fo rthe dispatches thread. its free to watch on line and the quality is ok, less adverts too ;)


a new way of living!
weird i know, i just done seem to be that bothered anymore :D i'm having a cathryn tate towards food! :D:D:D

am i bothered??? hehehe

when i smell food now, i just enjoy the smell and glug somemore water down.

i have also got the hang of what shakes i prefer too, vanilla latte for brekkie, soup or flappie for lunch, and choc in the evening. i think the routine helps.

got more energy to walk about more now :D:D

thanks agian everyone!
Well done hun, great resistance and willpower.

What were your friends reactions to your weight loss?



a new way of living!
not a word!! like they never even noticed! grr ;)
i know though :D:D


a new way of living!
still the bloody same unfortunately! think i'm gonna have to have the op again, maybe a more invasive one this time, at least i dont have to worry about liqiud food though ;)

seeing doc on 3rd sept, might try and get it brought forward, he is holiday soon though.

thanks for asking :)



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oooooh is there REALLY something wrong with your jaw???? I thought you was taking the piss so you didn't have to tell them that you were on this diet.

By heck your friends are rotten to not mention your loss! Mind you, the last time I saw a "friend", in June, I had lost over 3.5 stone and she never said a word!!!! I know I was wearing a large jacket most of the day (I was freezing) but even my mum said you could see my loss in my face!

It's amazing how much socialising goes hand in hand with food, i never realised until i started this diet that almost everything i did before revolved around eating!! It's no wonder i got so big!!!


a new way of living!
oooooh is there REALLY something wrong with your jaw???? I thought you was taking the piss so you didn't have to tell them that you were on this diet.

heheehe yeah i do have a prob, already had one op, i did this diet to kill two birds with one stone, and yeah also makes a good excuse for avoiding food ;)

they have to dislocate the jaw joint, pump drugs in, drain crap out and do a humpty dumpty and stick it back together again - felt like i had been in the ring with mike tyson afterwards!!

although they may need to 'open' my face next time arghhh!
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