another thread about bars


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Ok, I went to see my CDC today for the second time (so only been on the diet for a week). She gave me enough of the food packs for the next week but she is going on holiday so I'd run out before she got back to be able to get some more. I asked if I could get some more off her so I don't run out so she gave me 7 bars instead.

I was starvng, it was 3 pm and hadn't had anything at all today so ate one on the way home But then when I got home I read the stuff about the bars again and realised I shouldn't have them till next week and only 1 a day. So, this means I'm still going to run out of food by the time she gets back because I can't have 3 of those bars.

so 2 questions really, will I have ruined it having that one today and what can I do about having to have 3 of them a day for a couple of days till she gets back?
ok I'll try that thanks. Maybe I'll just find a new one all together since she doesn't exactly explain things very well or do things very well since she gave me the bars in the first place.