Another weight loss plus!


Carpe diem
Well today I knew I couldn't put it off any longer ....

My youngest has a friend coming down from Yorkshire for a week on the 12th and unless she proposes to sleep hanging upside down from the ceiling like a bat, I HAD to get into DD's room and have a grand clear-out to make room for her!

I went upstairs armed with a stack of black bin liners, an electric carpet sweeper and a large bottle of water. When I tried opening the door but it only went half-way as it bumped against the stack of junk strewn all over the floor, the words 'Abandon ye all hope all that enter here' sprung to mind!

Anyway, I stuck a 70s CD in the boom box, turned it up and got stuck in. THREE HOURS and four black bags later, the room looked like a new pin!

The thing that really struck me though is my lack of puffing, panting and general sweating that normally accompanies a room clear-out ... I was able to bend, lift, hop back and forth with relative ease. It was great!

Yet another unexpected plus to losing weight!!

By the time I get to goal in a few months time, I'll be even more ready to repeat the process ALL OVER AGAIN!! :rolleyes:

Debbie x
I HAD to get into DD's room and have a grand clear-out to make room for her!

OMG! You went into your daughters room? Deep respect ;)
Snap, DQ! I never go into my eldest's room now - but to be fair, since I painted it all pink and girly, she keeps it really nice! Same can't be said for the little one's bedroom - it's a bearpit!
Debbie, you are a brave woman - kids rooms are off limits in our house. We have 4 kids and I managed to have 3 horrifically untidy ones and one fairly tidy one. Could be worse, I suppose?
I must be well luck as my boys room apart from the 'teenage smell' :eek: they keep it really tidy....maybe cause I'm a nag! and won't give them their pocket money unless its tidy they even dust & hoover!! clean their shoes.....DD on the other hand is a messy moo!
I love doing housework! how sad is that!!!!
Well done Debbie hope she keeps it tidy now.
Kam x

Oh....Barb is that a Yorkie in your arms? Love Yorkies have one called Basil!
Hey, Kami, did you just make the mistake of saying you love housework?! :eek: Come visit me, my friend, I will make you ecstatic!! :p
Hi Kami, yes his name is Ozzie and he is the most adorable little boy. He is so cuddly and cute. He is 2 years old in August and weighs 11lbs, quite a lot for a yorkie I think but he is very slim and has amazingly long legs! How big/old/cute is Basil?
Barb....Basil is 8 years old but still acts like a puppy! He weighs 12lbs! he has his own 'catflap'! So goes out when he wants to. I thought we would have to get rid of him when I had my daughter 3 years ago but he has been fantastic with her. Which is so good as he really is one of the family! He can walk for miles! and swims too! His favourite game is heading a balloon which he can now keep in the air without dropping for over 5 minutes! What a star!

Kam xx