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Another ww'er member leaving propoints


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I lost 3 stone on discovery and gained 1 over Christmas/New Year. For the last 3 weeks, I have been back on track, following the pro point plan religiously and lost the grand total of .......................... 1lb!!

I feel completely gutted :(.

With discovery, I saw results and so did my friends and family. I was getting compliments which gave me the boost I needed. I am now 3 & 1/2 stone away from target instead of 2 & 1/2.

I asked my leader if I can go back to discovery and still attend class, but she said they couldn't support me as they will be talking about pp's.

Why did they change something that worked? As the old saying goes, why fix something that isn't broken???
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Oh sorry to hear that Hun but like you said if discovery worked for you then stick with it there are enough tools online and enough support on these boards x

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Thats exactly what i'm like....I swapped back today and already have 4 points carried over...ive eaten more than usual and havent felt hungry at all!!!!

Feel a lot happier now!
I find it so strange that WW aren't supporting their paying members who want to do their companys old style points - you've got all the info on it already you know it works for you, it's your body and I totally understand that some diets work for some not for others.

I went on slimming world years ago - stuck to it like glue, lost 1 stone then didnt lose a thing for the next four weeks - leader kept checking my eating plan and said to stick with it, in the end I thought enough was enough and went to WW which workd. It is so disheartening when you are sticking to a particular diet and you don't see the scales going down - good luck in what yu choose - not that yu need luck as you've done amazing on the old points.
I was toying with the idea of renewing my online membership of WW's (I only joined a meeting to get all the bumph on propoints), when I stumbled across Tesco Diets. They do a variety of diets, but I have plumped for their Totals Diet which is basically the same as the old points system. The reason I joined was because it would cost me £78 for a year whereas WW would cost me £131.

One month in and despite a couple of ups and downs (dad died, foreign holiday that only served junk food) I have managed to lose 6lb. I was getting a bit disheartened with it the other night when i (stupidly) ordered a chinese takeaway instead of the WW ready meal I had put into my tracker and realised it was a whole days "totals", but after working out what I have eaten/tracked for today "discover plan" style, I have just discovered that I am 2 points over my 22 i used to be allowed and ProPoints - well forget it, 48 pp (I was on 30). Think I will be sticking to the Totals now, lol!

I would follow the Discover plan if thats what is best for you, just dont tell your leader, lol!!
Bit out of order for your leader to say they weren't prepared to support you when you're paying hard earned money to pay into their franchise. Disgusting! No wonder you want to leave - but for what it's worth I think you should give it another go - but of course it's your decision :)
The group I go to has at least half of us still on points, some have decided to stay with what we know, the rest have given pro points a try & not lost or found it too confusing. Only 2 of us are brave enough to admit this to the leader, but the support we get from each other is great, and principles of weight loss are the same whether we discuss points or propoints. I think maybe leaders are supposed to discourage points in order to increase sales of all the new book, scales etc, after all, when it comes down to it WW is a business. I'd suggest sticking with the meeting and quietly find out how many are sticking with discover, you might be surprised.
I haven't tried Pro Points, I love the way Discover works and I trust it so why try something new? I wonder if Weight Watchers will ditch the new plan in a year or so?
I too am struggling with propoints for whatever reason. I just dont know. Im not eating more fruit than I used to, etc but its just not shifting as much as on Discovery. Ive given myself til Fridays weigh in, and if Im not happy Im back to Discovery.
Go with what feels right for you hun.
No way they'll ditch it! They've been working on the new plan for years, since before Discover plan came out. It's in line with modern science and up-to-date with recent findings. Obviously it doesn't work for everyone, but on the other hand it's giving some people amazing results, and it is often seen to promote a more healthy way of living.
For many people discover is the way forward, and many people are happy with that, but no way they'll be getting rid of it!

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