Answer this...... Do I believe them?

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  1. Katiejames

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    Here is one for you......

    I am going to be starting the shakes this week and I am really looking forward to it.

    In my research in to it, someone has said that when they stopped the shakes and kept up the good healthy meals they put all the weight back on and more!!. Thats it wasn't healthy. I can understand that it will always be better to go down the gym, but don't some people need that confidence to go in to the gym. And we don't all have a nice local 9 to 5 job.

    Now am I to believe her?
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    basically if you sit on your bum all day but eat healthily you will put on weight.

    you'll be consuming more calories than burning and therefore the surplus turns into fat.

    if you follow a good programme and add more meals slowly back into the diet you will not gain the weight back.

    the booklet with you get with the cs starter pack guides you through the weigh tloss journey but there is also a section of how to maintain your goal when you reach it.

    your body will naturally adjust so that you can maintain your new weight once you have reached goal.

    as long as there is not major change in your lifestyle and you don't sit around eating macdonalds everyday and never moving from in front of the tv there is no reason why the weight should go back on.
  4. Katiejames

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    Celebrity Slim
    Thanks very much - I knew someone could help x

    I will the big M - But I know its not worth it!!
  5. hayleyk

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    Can't see it happening myself unless something else changed in their life - i.e. they stopped doing a physical job.

    Seriously, if you are eating healthy and low carb after you stop the shakes then you should be able to maintain your weight. Their portion size might have gone up too. Basically if the person was consuming more calories than they were taking in then they'd put on weight - no other explanation.
  6. KD

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    Absolutely not.

    The person who said this, obviously has now understanding of the first law of thermodynamics ie calories in vs calories out.

    If she is saying that reducing calories (which is what CS or any other working diet does), means you are going to gain it again without eating over maintenance calories, then she is saying that there is no diets that work....and even going to the gym would be unlikely to work either unless you slogged your little sweat glands out x times a week for the rest of your life.

    So, no....don't believe her. Absolute rubbish I'm afraid.
  7. sharon kim

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    i think you have to work out why you got fat in the first place if it was because you sat around all day eating and go back to doing that then of course the weight would go back on as fast as it came off, but if you change your eating habits and stick to your daily calorie needs then it should stay of, where all fat cos we eat too much so if we keep eating too much whats going to change
  8. moonstone

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    I agree with all that's been said. It sounds like someone who basically wants to put a dampener on your diet. Is this "someone" already slim & doesn't fancy the competition or someone who is overweight & can't keep to a diet themselves?.....mmmm I wonder!:rolleyes:
  9. NewBody

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    I agree. But I wonder which it is!!?? I think its fare to say their :busted:
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