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Antari's journey - yet again


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I started Exante yesterday quite late in the day as I didn't discover my parcel until after 2.00 pm..........the delivery man had left it in the greenhouse even though I was in all day!

I had the banana shake for late lunch, half an orange bar late afternoon with a cup of coffee, Thai Chicken for dinner and the other half the bar with a fennel tea at bedtime. I managed to drink 3 litres of water (flavoured and plain) during the day.

By bedtime my stomach was growling, not with hunger but all the water I had consumed, but apart from that I felt fine.

Just finished my chocolate shake before going out for the day so I will take a litre bottle of water and a bar out with me.

Hubby away for the next couple of days so no cooking and I can go to bed if I feel like it.
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2 days down and feeling good.

I managed 3 litres of water/flavoured drinks/herbal tea yesterday and my stomach didn't complain.

I had half a bar at lunchtime and saved the rest until bedtime last night with a fennel tea. I had the tomato soup for dinner and surprisingly enough I enjoyed it with some black pepper and a little salt. It was better than the Thai Chicken I thought.

I did have a headache when I went to bed, but no hunger pangs and slept right through.

The best feeling was that I have just weighed myself and have lost 4lbs. Yes, I know it's only water but the scales have gone down :D And I have no intention of ever putting that back on again, because by next week some of my loss will be FAT!

I am going to try having the vanilla shake this morning as a latte and see if it's as nice as people say. Well it will make a change.

I have been getting my food out in the mornings and putting them on the side in the kitchen to remind me that those packs are my daily rations and to stop me going to the fridge and cupboards to search for anything else. It's early days but it's working for me.

Back to work today after having 2 days off, so I mustn't forget my bar.

Have a good day everyone ;)
Hey Hun...
Your doing very well indeed.. Well done .. Here's to another fabulous day .. Don't forget your bar chick..

Have a lovely day x


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Another good day. Still not hungry, but missing chewing food today. I also felt a bit shaky this afternoon so upped the water a bit.

Had my vanilla shake for breakfast made with hot water and coffee. It tasted amazing but because I was trying to drink it while it was still hot I think I drank it too quickly and ended up feeling bloated and full of wind.

Had 1/3rd of my bar at lunchtime and another about 3.00 pm with a black coffee. I am saving the last third for bedtime again with a mug of fennel tea.

I have just had my mushroom soup, and added some powdered psyllium husk to it (for fibre) it had the consistency of wallpaper paste and tasted like it too. It was pretty awful, but I ate it anyway :( I will get some capsules tomorrow and take them instead and just up the water intake. I am not sure that it tastes that good without it either, but will try it again with just adding pepper! The only one that tastes OK to me is the tomato, but because it is so much cheaper to get the variety pack I will just have to get used to them.

Now on my 3rd litre of water. I haven't managed any more than that yet.


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Day 4 and feeling a little 'stale'. I don't feel hungry at all so I presume that I am in Ketosis.

I have just had my strawberry shake with lots of ice so nice and full again.

I am however having dizzy spells this morning and so don't feel that good. I remember going through that with LL together with nausea so I am hoping that plenty of water will settle that. Unfortunately I have to go into work soon so I am hoping that if I take it easy getting ready I will feel a bit better.

I finish work on Friday for a couple of weeks so intend to just take it easy and not rush around too much and just stick to the diet so that I have lost lots of weight when I get back ;)

On the upside I weighed myself this morning and have lost another lb. I decided then to move the scales into the other bathroom and only weigh myself once a week on a Monday and get myself out of the daily weighing because sticking to this diet I will be losing weight however quickly or slowly and jumping on the scales all the time does not help, especially when fluid retention is happening.

Anyway, log off and get ready. Have a good day everyone.


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Reading through all the diaries (for motivation :)) it seems a lot of people have these dizzy spells at first......... I felt nauseous the first week and had an extra pack and plenty of water to get me through. Might that help? Anyway, you sound really positive..... I like the idea of having a couple of weeks off work and then going back slimmer and trimmer ~ will be lovely seeing their faces, knowing you look different but not sure why :) Have a good day!


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How you doing today?? x


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Hey hun, sounds like you're doing great :) keep going and hope you have a good 100% day today! :D

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Day 5.

I had a good day yesterday, still 100%. Had strawberry shake, bar and tomato soup. The tomato is the only one I like but I will have to get used to the others too as I will be sending for the mixed pack.........it's cheaper ;)

Chocolate shake, bar and mystery soup tonight, I can't decide which one.......decisions, decisions.

Today OK even though I have been feeling a bit peckish. I think I have just been bored so have been filling up on black coffee and water. I have eaten a whole bar though. I have been cutting it into 3 pieces and eating it during the day but today it got finished in 2 and so no supper tonight (supper!??)

I did cave in and weigh myself this morning before I moved the scales out of sight and have lost a total of 6 and half pounds since Monday, so I decided that it would really be a good idea to stop weighing everyday NOW in case I don't lose any more weight before the week is up.

First weekend without a glass of wine. Old habits die hard.......it will have to be a glass of diet coke instead with lots of ice :cry: I have a lot of weekends to get through before I stop this diet.
Still 100% so feeling quite proud of myself.

I have got into 'the zone' now although today I have been at home and washing and ironing so pretty boring. I am now sitting here with my 2 litre bottle of water almost gone.

I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and finished my lunchtime bar about an hour ago (again cutting it into 3 pieces)

Big roast dinner for hubby tonight. The first Sunday I have gone without and I am not looking forward to the smell of cooking :(

The thing that is keeping me on the straight and narrow is the fact that this morning I weighed myself and I was 10lb lighter :bliss:

I will weigh tomorrow morning as it's my first weigh in but I am really pleased with that weight loss.
Not a good day diet wise yesterday. Went out with two friends who talked about food most of the day as both of them are on diets. They wanted lunch and as I only want my husband and myself to know I am on Exante I had to keep making excuses which was very difficult. Stuck to it though, but I wanted food all day long! Also had the vegetable soup for dinner which repeated on me for the rest of the evening. I had real trouble getting it back into my head that this is not for life and I can have 'real' food quite a lot on this diet although I have no intention of doing so until the wedding I am going to in June.Got up this morning feeling very hungry, the mind sure is strong!

On my own today, so have the chance of doing the diet properly. I only managed about 3 litres of fluid yesterday as I was out all day, so most of that was in the evening so I will be keeping track of water and drinks today and maybe I can keep this hunger feeling away.
Hope today went well and you aren't feeling as hungry. 10lb was a fantastic loss!


really trying again!
10lbs is brilliant- fantastic achievement. You are obvioulsy doing the right thing so keep it up honey xx


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Wow, how did I miss this....... that's a fantastic loss ~ just think, you only have to lose 4lbs next week to hit a stone!
Funny old day.

Expected to be back home for lunch so didn't take a bar with me. Unfortunately I ended up being out all day so popped into Asda and picked up a couple of Biggest Loser bars...........umm, not so sure about them really. My stomach is rumbling very oddly at the moment, but they taste really nice and too much like a chocolate bar for me. At least the Exante bars are fairly boring, don't melt and are easy to divide into pieces so you take your time eating them. I will save the other one until I am really bored with the Exante bars.

It has taught me one thing though "ALWAYS TAKE A BAR IN YOUR HANDBAG" :D

I did pick up some of their cherry coke though to have a try. ;)
Just been reading all the other diaries. How you can come up with something new to put in them everyday amazes me :p

Still plodding along, just stopping every so often to have a shake, bar and soup during the day with 4 litres of water added to all that and lots of trips to the loo!

I haven't weighed myself since Monday but decided to get on the scales this morning as I really would like to lose 4lb this week to take me up to the stone. Well I have now lost 13lbs and still have today, Saturday and Sunday to shift one more pound........can I do it?.........I most certainly will do my best :D

Other than that, what can I say? The excitement of my morning up until now has been to put cinnamon in my banana shake and I must admit it was very nice. I am through the second pint glass of water and I am about to dust off the WI and do a bit of exercise for a change.

Anyway, I am still 100% and will stay that way until I go to the wedding in June. I will then try and do my best in making intelligent choices in what I eat and drink that weekend and then get straight back on Exante until I lose ALL this blubber..... forever this time!

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