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I don't know whether there is a particular link stating that it's fine, but there's bits and pieces scattered everywhere :D

There are a few suspect VLCDs and of course, some people make up their own, which generally isn't healthy, but most of the known ones are approved and fine

The trouble with some people who have only done the higher calorie diets and not explored VLCDs is that they generally don't know what they are talking about....sadly :(

I'll look out for that thread you mention.


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If you use the Search on the blue bar you will find a few threads.

When vlcd's became popular 30 years ago some of the products on the market were hit and miss and in one case I remember reading about that the packs sold by post only contained skimmed milk powder and nothing else and a few people died in America and this then caused a backlash where all vlcd's were seen as bad.

Even today these scams still continue and unless you are dealing with a reputable company it is difficult to be sure what exactly you are buying.

VLCD are not for everyone as some medical conditions would prevent the use of them and this is why at all times anyone who does a vlcd should be under the supervision of their doctor or pharmacist.

Here is some light reading you might find interesting.

The Food Education Society

The Food Education Society



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Coming off a different thread, someone mentioned that her WW leader was very anti VLCD and I was wondering if there is a thread already that addresses the myths and facts regarding VLCD? And if possible what the hostility / anti sentiment is due to?

My position is that any program you can do healthly is fine.

I don't buy the argument that on a VLCD you lose weight too quickly for the body, many do so with no ill effects. Nor do I feel losing quickly means you always put it back on, not dealing with the issues mean you put it back on, regardless of what method you used to lose it.

just post a link to the thread if you have it, thanks, no need to rehash the issue.


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[email protected] be interested in reading the anti vlcd thread too .... any links ? ;)

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Coming off a different thread, someone mentioned that her WW leader was very anti VLCD ?
Simply because I work in commerce, my first thought was VLCDs are becoming very popular which potentially means less busines for WW. And I'm sure she's seen a few people that have reverted to their old eating habits after they've lost the weight too.


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Specifically apart from a knee jerk 'I don't like VLCDs' ...fair enough, or 'you'll put it all back on' which makes no sense either because that isn't really anything to do specifically with how you lost it ( though it might be for some )....

what is the real issue, scientifically?
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The other thing is that my ideal is the high end of a VLCD , averaging about 750 a day because I do want to include fresh vegetable juice ( but I am too lazy to do all that washing ) and I do want meat in a savoury broth . I would still like a high calorie deficit at the the end of the day and that is going to come not by going calorifically lower but by increasing my activity levels.