Antibiotics and CD


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My GP has given me a course of antibiotics (erethromycin) for 5 days, he knows I am on CD and is ok with that

Just a question, has anyone taken antibiotics whilst on CD and did they feel ok? I have taken them in the past pre CD and they have been known to upset my stomach.

Any advice welcome

I took that anti-biotic in January whilst SSing and I was fine! A wee bit nauseous but I put that down to the chest infection that I had.

You should be fine, hun!
Brill, thanks so much Isobel x
Vicky, just a word of warning, I am violently allergic to erythromycin, I vomit uncontrollably. If you start any such symptoms stop taking the pills immediately, they will be the cause. The first time I was given them it took 24 hours to have that effect.