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a bit different everyday
Hello again everyone
I am afraid i have another question, i have a doctors appt tonight for feeling poorly and think i might quite possibly need antibiotics as feel i have ear infection:(
what happens in regards the ssing if i do get some? would I have to eat food as well ?
just want to know what to expect
nat xxxxx
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Hi.. Anti B's won't make a difference to your weight loss..
The is alot of rubbish about taking medication and weight loss.. In fact there are very few meds that would affect it in any way.. The reason most medication has weight gain as a side effedt is because when they do clinical trials they look at all the people tested and if any of them have gained weight then it has to be noted as a side effect.. There is no saying that any of the people used in the trail were eating well.. If you read many of the leaflets you might notice that if weight gain is listed along side it may say weight loss as well....( they cover all their bases)
There are only steriods ( which increase appitite and may cause water retention) and some cancer treatments that actually effect weight...
Most of the time we gain weight when we are feeling under the weather because we want nice things to make us feel better...I ususally like hot buttered toast and tomato soup if I am poorly..

Be careful though.. My CDC says you should not do SS if you are ill.. Make sure you get plenty to drink ( like we don't anyway) and rest up....

Good luck at the docs....
hope you are better soon..:)
If you are unwell you really should move up to 790. If you are given anti-biotics check if they should be taken with food. If so drink 3/4 of the shake wait a minute then take the tablet with the remaining 1/4 of the shake.

Best check with the GP tonight, he has already signed your MRF?

Also let your CDC know.


Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
I'm with Linda on this one. It's unwise to sole source unless you're in the pink (oooh! a pun, sorry!).

Many antibiotics must be taken with food, but there are also some where milk must be avoided......so do check carefully with your GP. Hope you feel better very soon, Nat.....by the way, I've never been clear on whether you take three or four portions a day?

And speaking of being in the pink, antibiotics can easily break ketosis.

I think you're right about the weight gain bit, though, Podgey, because I certainly crave comforting carbs when not very well.


a bit different everyday
Hi lesly
i take 4 portions [6 ft 2]but do the last one together as i find 4 sep too much so i have a soup and a choc tetra in coffee as 1 meal at night
, why do you ask?
nat xxxx

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Hi Nat: I just got a bit confused by your description on your own thread a while ago about half-packs and crisps! I couldn't work out whether you were having 3 or 4 portions a day, and didn't want to stomp in with hobnail boots......

You're having such phenomenal weekly losses, and I was a bit afraid you were only taking 3 portions despite your fabulous height - (I'm 5'10", and a bit envious of you...I love being tall, even though 5'10" is nothing nowadays: Long Tall Sally think I'm a bit titchy....) - because 3 a day would provide insufficient nutrition for your body, which would of course lead to reduced immunity to infection....

So I'm glad it's not that! And hope you feel a lot better soon!

L x


a bit different everyday
ahhh no worries lesly, I confuse myself sometimes lol I sometimes make 1 pack as a big crisp and then another as soup for my dinner thats prob where u got confused i must have said half a pack or something by mistake
i think on 3 a day i'd pass out hahaha
thanks jen i think im losing well coz im built like a man :rotflmao:
ooohhh... More tall people... I was beginning to think that I was the only one on 4 packs....
Mind you I am only 5-11'' so compared to you Natalie That's nowt....

Hope you are feeling better xxxxxxx


a bit different everyday
no antibiotics for me, no ear infection, just a viral cold, drink lots of water [ok doc so lets talk about the 5 litres i drink everyday] i feel better already so hope tomorrow will be even better
thanks everyone
nat xxxx
as someone with a nasty old ear infection myself im pleased to hear you havent got one! hope you feel better soon. annoying the docs cant give you anthing when you're feeling rough tho isnt it? x

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
no antibiotics for me, no ear infection, just a viral cold, drink lots of water [ok doc so lets talk about the 5 litres i drink everyday] i feel better already so hope tomorrow will be even better
thanks everyone
nat xxxx
Pleased to hear it....PS: you might need 6-7 litres/day when (if?) the weather really heats up, and/or you vastly increase your exercise...

I'm absolutely not a believer in this "the more you drink, the more you shrink" idea.....it so much depends on height, bulk, temperature and energy-output, and too much can be as bad as too little....but we tallies do need more than the norm...

Hi Podgey: nice to meet another person of "normal" height!

And Hi Jen: can't leave you out! Hope your ears are better soon...

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