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Any Advice For Staying Away From Home Please?

Hi, Wondering if anyone has any advice on staying away. OH is away on a course for 3 nights next week. He is staying at a Hilton so there will be a breakfast buffet !!!
He does mainly green days as he gets gout when doing alot of red days . He has done really well and lost 4 1/2 stones but he has the ability to gain a good half a stone if he eats the 'wrong' foods (if u know what i mean!) I want to be able to point him in the right direction so that he doesn't come back and be sooooooo mad with himself when he gets on the scales!

I don't have an upto date book and so carn't really advice him on EE . He doesn't know what he will be able to get at lunch time but will be able to choose at night.

I have thought;
Breakfast : Cereal and Yogurt, Bacon and Beans

Lunch- Don't know!

Dinner : We know that he can lose weight on Chips and Beans from chip shop (i know its wrong but needs must sometimes!) . I wondered about a vegetable chop suey and boiled rice from the chinese take away or perhaps a Curry and rice from Indian?.

This sounds awful doesn't it but he is going to use the pool every day.

Thanks for reading didn't mean it to be so long!

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when he's eating out at night does it have to be a takeaway or can he 'eat-in' a restaurant? if he can eat in he's better off with steak and jacket potato or chicken and veg etc or even pasta in tom sauces.

for breakfast i think he's better off with lots of bacon with poached eggs and tomatoes and beans

for lunch, that's a toughie! will he be eating in a restaurant or what?
Thanks Woodsylou, I Agree about breakfast except he doesn't eat eggs or Tomato! (i do thats why i love this diet!) He can eat 'out' at night but won't be back until 6ish and was going to go straight to the pool. He was thinking about a takeaway as it is open later but I think I agree with you. He will have to be good and think about the whole picture. Eating late will only make him hungrier and eat too much. I am always telling him he has it easy as I do all the thinking and working out what we will eat lol!


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How about stopping off at a Tesco and buying a few SW friendly things he can eat in his room?
I go away quite often and get stuff like sushi, LF cottage cheese, salad, chicken or whatever I fancy.
I always take a plate & knife and fork, and all rooms have a kettle, so if I also feel like something hot I can have mugshots or soup.


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Sonia's advice is great!

also, he could swim in the morning rather than straight after work, then in the evening he could have more time to work out food.
That could be a possibility, There are some noodles aren't there like Pot Noodles that are free? Or I guess he could have some chicken and Muller. He is a bit of a nightmare with salad! Doesn't eat eggs, tomato and is allergic to cheese! Perhaps it wouldn't kill him to try a ready to eat salad and maybe hot chicken that they sometimes sell. Good Idea about the plate and cutlery.

Felt abit daft asking this question but glad I did now, Thanks
I have stayed at a Hilton, and it had a huge breakfast buffet with loads of fruit, cereals, cheese, ham, yogurt, and other cold things, as well as cooked food. It was very easy to put together a SW friendly breakfast.

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