Any Advice? I would be very greatful


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I went back on CDC on the 5th of jan and fell off the diet 2 days ago, i managed to do 5 days and then just couldn't cope, im frustrated and very upset with myself. I feel like i cant do CD but i want to, So here is my idea. I would be really grateful if you could have a read and let me know what you think.

I have now gained 5lb of the 8lb that i had lost and i'm gutted. I'm off to see my CDC at 1pm today and i'm going to put an idea to her. Thought i would run it past minimins first.

Okay so my problem with SS is that i can get to day 4 no problem, get into Ketosis no problem but it seems that once i have done this i ALWAY go off the rails, now when i say always i mean this has been me from day one back in June when i first started CD. So i have been asking myself can i really do this diet long term on SS and i think i have come to terms with the fact the the answer for me is sadly NO!

I don't want to stop dieting or CD so here is what i'm going to suggest i do.

I plan to do SS every other day, the days in between i plan to have 2 shakes and an evening meal of whatever i want as long as its healthy and not taking me over 1000 kcals. I dont want to worry about carbs in veg or salad etc but i will stay away from potato and bread. This will totally take away the whole Ketosis factor in the diet but to be honest i think i can do without the breath. I can go a day without food and i think if i have the next days meal to look forward to it might make it abit easier to stick to for more than 6 days. I cant see that there will be a problem with me doing this as i will still be getting all that i need vit wise ( as far as i can see anyway) If my cdc is happy for me to do this i think i will give this a go for a while and you never know it might just result in me not needing that evening meal every other day.

Just to add, that i have done ss+ but i find the evening meal to restricting and would like to have more choice, in the way of healthy foods.

has anyone ever done this with CD and if so whats your loss been like?

Well done Miss JT for getting through day 1, go you!!! and well done for everyone else, your all doing so well.
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I think tha it would be hard, but that is just me...I am an all or nothing kind of girl! talking it through with your CDC is the best advice I can give :) good luck!


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Hiya, I asked my CDC the very same thing, she advised that this would not be a good idea...her reasons were that if you eat a meal every other day then your body would cling on to that food as there is no real routine...she said that it would amount to 'yo yo dieting'. Her advice to me was to stick to SS as long as I can then move up to the 810 plan. Hope this helps! :)
Edited to add: Even if you have that 1 meal , you will still need to have your 3rd CD meal.


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Sounds like a good idea to me.....but obviously you will have to see what the losses are like each week :)

It will be interesting to see what your CDC says.....


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Hi ya,
I think whatever works for you!
If you want to lose the stone a month they say you can lose with CD then no just stick to what they tell you but if you are happy enough for it to come off slower and maybe feel hungry then yeah I'd say that's fine,
At the end of the day any way of losing weight as long as it's healthy is a good thing!
Can't be any worst than being over weight and at risk from all sorts of health problems!
Good luck with whatever you try! x x


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why not try the 1000 plan? its far less restrictive than SS+, and 810... and you will still loose well...
I dont think hopping between plans day by day is a good idea... i hop between SS and SS+, thats do-able, but wouldnt want to do a higher plan that way. It would mess about with your body's needs too much, and im sure glycogen levels would be all over the place..
I would say do one or the other, but not both..
good luck with whatever you decide to do...


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I have modified my CD to suit my life-style and it DOES work for me!!!
I know that CD idea is sold as all or nothing and I understand the reasons behind it. It allows everyone to follow the diet and push your body into right imbalance. However, if you know about nutritions and know the basics of the diet - you are able to follow this diet and add some high protein meals without any damage. This is my personal opinion and I know for fact that my CDC disagree with me. However, for time being I am treating food only like fuel - no emotional attachment and no sugar addiction. I am having 2 CD shakes each day and one substantial meal. (white meat + green veg) It's not a big meal since no longer have cravings but I couldn't do without it. Also, if struggling I would have some slim-a-cup soup or Miso soup ("Pret") which doesn't have any carbs. Staying nicely in ketosis and enjoying my newly found plan. So, yes it is possible but you have to have healthy relationship with your food. And no, it won't work for everyone since we're all different.
Good luck with your later appointment - hope your CDC will be open-minded xxx


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I'm thinking that your blood sugar levels will be all over the place, and that makes for an uncomfortable time. On SS or even SS+ you will have stable blood sugar all the time, so you wont have the intense cravings that comes after a sugar rush. If you alternate every other day, your body will react badly to being given carbs one day and then not the other. When we have a sugar rush our bodies produce adrenaline (fight or flight) and we get a rush of energy, then along comes the insulin to bring it back down, too far more often than not, and that brings another craving for sugar/carbs. If you were eating sensibly throughout, then the sugar levels would be quite stable. But if you ate a substancial amount of carbs, even to just take you out of ketosis, and then go without any for the next day or so your body wouldn't like it and you would have cravings.

If I did that, I know my body would cope with it for a few days then go out and buy half of sainsbury's!!

I think you would lose more doing the SS+ to be honest :) xx


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I think it would be a lot harder that way too. I'd recommend using one of the higher plans like 810 or 1000 instead, what do you think of those?


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Best to see what your CD counsellor says Sass, although some of the replies indicate that other counsellors have not thought this is a good idea.
I was looking to see how you were getting on a few days ago, I now realise that you were posting on the 100% CD thread.
Hope that your CD counsellor can suggest a good solution for you, best of luck, I know you find it tough, so do I at times x


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Thank you all for your views and advice.

I have been to my CDC and..........She is allowing me to have the meal every other day as long as i stick to my 3 shakes a day and try to stick to low carb meals on the days that i plan to eat.

She also said that if i can go more than one day without needing to eat then that's fine too but the thing with me is if i'm told no it makes me want it more so like a child i'm trying to reverse the psychology a little by saying i can have but i just have to wait a day in between the can have days.

I think for me i just need to give this a try, it may well be harder but its just something i need to see for myself. I don't want to stop dieting but i cant seem to work out how to get myself back on track as i once was last year.


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Sounds like a good plan - and it should not affect your weight loss.
If it's going to work for you - it doesn't matter what anyone else think. Good luck for your journey xxx