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any advice on working out and refeeding?

Hi everyone,
well im on day 2 and feeling loads better, i just managed to force myself into getting through the first day and im taking each day as it comes, im just finding every day i get through, the more i want to carry on! Ive been getting up at 5am this week to go the gym as im on the early shift in work, feel loads better all day coz of doing that though. Just wondering is doing too much excersize a hinderence rather than a help? Ive been doin 45 mins of cycling, rowing and running, but i dont want this to make me put weight on? Im on a strict time scale - 9 weeks to lose 3 stone so cant afford any slowing down! Also, When i go on holiday in 9 wks I'll need to refeed the wk before as Im going to eat something on holiday so is a week long enough to refeed or do i need to do it for longer? when im on holiday i tend to eat salads and pasta so its not overly bad but if a week isnt long enough - i dont want to put loads back on when i come back! I am planning to get back to either healthy eating or if i havent lost what i wanted to then back on LT for a bit.

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You should wait 1 or 2 weeks before doing any excersise, you'll tire yourself out and could put your body in a state of shock.

Don't do anything extreme. Try walking more first, then some swimming, maybe a little bit of aerobics, nothing too straining.
really? I go the gym with a girl in work so I cant let her down coz we're gym buddies! did u guys do any excersize? Do u think i should just keep it at 3 times a week and really low intensity? or just stop it altogether? I just thought if u do that at the same time then i'll tone up as well as lose it? agggghhhh what a dilemma lol xx


Crawling to the finish!
hey hun, when I was on the diet 1st time round I went the gym 6 times a week and looked after a newborn baby! I think you should just listen to your body, I found working out easy but it took longer for my muscles to recover so I just lowered the intensity. If you were exercising before then theres no need to stop and such just pace yourself xx
thanks for the advice yummy mummy, did u feind it slowed your weight loss down or made it happen for u?xx


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Light aerobic exercising will be okay as long as you stop when your body tells you to. Toning is very good when starting lipotrim, to help tone up after such big losses.

When you are on holiday, just be careful about the amount of carbs, pasta you eat, only small quantities should be eaten, but make your main diet protein and veg/fruit/salad etc. 6oz potatoes or 4oz of rice/pasta would be ok.

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