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  1. dane-katie

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    Hi, im starting my SS journey starting next friday :D *yey* and im starting to get myself into drinking more water :) i never used to drink water at all and ive had my first litre today yey :D ive bought 2 bottles of evian (2 litres each) and going to fill them up each day so i know what im drinking- i loose track to easily lol anyways joust wondering if anyone has any advice over the next week i want to do my prep so having wholemeal bread toasted no butter and backed beans for dinner but im drawing a blank to what else i can eat im useless at low carbs lol so if anyone knows of anything let me know please im thinking loads of veg and a bit of chicken for tea maybe??

    Any advice i can put into practise over the next week would be great!


    Katie xx
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  3. Porgeous

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    Hi Katie

    Welcome to the wonderful world of CD. Best advice I can give is cut back on your carbs, so green vegetables and chicken or fish are a good option. This will make your first week of SS a little easier. You are doing the right thing by upping your water, try to aim for about 4ltrs when on SS. The first week can be tough, but hang in there and the weight will melt away.

    Good luck and don't forget to keep us posted!

  4. jhooker

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    Hey - welcome!

    Stay away from the baked beans on the prep, they are little carb factories.

    Good job on the water training... the more you drink the more you shrink!
  5. missymoo

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  6. dane-katie

    dane-katie Member

    Yeah have read everything else spooky gave me will have to go and read my yellow book thanks! and thanks for warnign me about beans was just about to go cook them will have to think about eating something else lol hmmmmmmm will have to go look in kitchen hehe

    Im aiming to drink 4 litres of water a day (is that enough???) done a litre anf half and side effects have started lol running to the loo hehe will get there in the end just trying to have a little drink every couple of mins so i dont feel bloated!

    Thanks everyone
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    4 litres should be plenty. The guidelines for Cambridge say 4 pints which equates to around 2.5 litres. I always aim to get at least that 4 pints away, then any extra I can manage is a bonus, LOL.

    Happy peeing!

    (Oh, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Cambridge Diet! :D)
  8. dane-katie

    dane-katie Member

    Yeah peeing has begun 2 litres later and 2 loo trips hehe
  9. spooky

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    Only 2?????
    Should be more than that ;)
  10. SoonToBeGorgeous

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    When I did my prep for five days I cut out all bread, potatoes, pasta, baked beans, rice - the whole lot!
  11. dane-katie

    dane-katie Member

    ive had wholemeal bread and soup today going to try make my own veg soup going to have a look on internet see if i can find a good one, making chicken and veg for tea and mash for my fella lol
  12. dane-katie

    dane-katie Member

    Does anyone know why i cant view public profiles???
  13. Mochaj

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    Welcome! Good luck with your prep week :)
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