Any advice?


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Hi Sparkle

You could also check out the Guardian's book section as they regularly have writers giving advice on creative writing (and set some tasks to practice with).

I was very lucky and studied creative (major part of my degree) whilst I was at university and I can honestly say that one of the best places to get tips from is other people.

If you feel brave enough and know other wannabe writers in your area - set up a workshop and review each other's work. And one tip my wonderful creative writing lecturers gave me was to read contemporary fiction/poetry and you are far more likely to be inspired and write better generally.

Anyway take care
Luv CC xx xx xx


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It's aimed at Northern writers but has some good help sections;

Welcome to New Writing North

Agree with Curvy Chicken about reading more-
and also joining a writers group if you could.

If you could work up to it, writers groups are full of people who are quite shy but express themselves on the page- so shyness would be welcomed and supported.

Good luck

Kate x


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The Writers Bureau

Hi Sparkle,

Last year I signed up and paid for a correspondence writiers course with the Writers Bureau - alright so I haven't actually had time to start just yet but I have all the course materials, there's no deadline on completing the course and at the time there was a guarantee that if you hadn't earned back the course fee by the time you finish the course, you get your money back (supposed to submit your course work as articles etc to publications) - additionally they teach you how to make your writing profitable AND (the best part for me) they actually will tell you if you have no talent. I love to write (heck, even my texts are two messages long! lol!) and family and friends are always telling to put my ideas on paper - but how do you really know whether you have a talent for it? How do you know what genre would best suit you? I think I could write any genre: romance, thriller (with some technical help, horror etc) if I put my mind to it but where do you start?

If you can check out the Writers Bureau website - unfortunately, I haven't actually submitted anything yet so I can't recommend them on that basis, but when I was desperate for advice they seemed like the first port of call!

Goodluck Sparkle & let me know how you get on!