Any Avon Reps??


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I need to reduce my working hours so that I can go part time and to be a bit flexible around childcare arrangements etc but yesterday I worked out how much of a pay cut I would take and wowzers its a lot more than I origianlly worked out!

I'm going to be working 6 hrs per day meaning that I should be home around the 3.30 time and I was thinking about how I'll survive on less money and then I thought of earning money elsewhere.

Just wondering are there any rep's on here willing to share a bit of information??;)
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Happy Holidays

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My daughter used to be an Avon rep & loved it, she's only just given it up as she now has a full time job.

She started she turned 18 in the March & by December had done enough sales to earn herself a position in the Presidents club & was in the top 10 sales reps in our area.

You can earn a lot of money or you can earn nothing, you need to be displined, organised & take time out to drop off/collect brochures.

My daughter dropped off brochures at every house in her area until told not to leave one. You'll need to make sure you buy enough brochures. She also put a label on the front with basic info, when collecting brochure & when delivery, that way it's easy for customers to see.

She also put a sticker on the order forms 'I'd like my delivery am/pm' that way she wasn't going to houses when they were likely to be out & it meant she could get to some people during the day.

She also kept an eye on the customer sales & at Christmas rewarded her top 10 customers with a gift.

She also gave a free gift for first orders over £10 (cheap gifts can be purchased from the reps Tomorrow mag).

She took time to chat to her customers & help them look for items in the brochure, she made lots of friends.

It takes time to earn money with Avon, but it is a rewarding job.

Good luck, in box me if you want with further info.


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I was an Avon rep through uni and unfortunately hated it. I had a similar work method to Happy Hols Jnr and basically found it to be the equivalent of a full time job for less money. You have got to be soooo disciplined, which I was, but found that if one person decided they didn't want or couldn't afford the order my wages took a massive hit, which I hated. Plus, Avon gave me a pretty big area to cover so once I factored in travel expenses it was fruitless. I left when another rep moved in on my "patch" and I complained to them, they basically did nothing about it which infuriated me after all my effort over 2 years so I gave up and took a part time bar job. The bar job gave me more time and more money and then I felt like a mug!

My SIL now does it and is having the same trouble- massive area, lots of effort, not many people buying luxury products in a recession and limited support from her senior rep. She can't get other work and she has 3 kids so won't give it up, it's her only income, but she hates it. I also think it depends on the area you cover- I had the arse end of Liverpool and my SIL is the same.

I do know a mother & daughter partnership who do really well and they love it, their hours are 60+ a week though. Like HH said, it takes time to earn money.

I must also say that I did Avon nearly 10 years ago so it might be completely different now but that is my honest opinion of it. You could always have an initial meeting, you don't have to sign up there and then. Why not try it while you are working and see how it goes?


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Thank you both for your replies -

My hours reduce in April and we are currently trying to sell our house so I think it would be silly of me to even look into it before we move don't you think. I mean i'd have to start again in a fresh patch wouldn't I, and what if someone was already there?

I think I do need to look into a lot more but I am liking the idea of it!!!



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I was an Avon rep and had a complete nightmare!they kept giving me everyone else patch to work so could never get any new clients!then I quit within the cooling off period and they tried charging me £80 of goods which I never had!they sent me letters saying they would send my details to the debt collectors in the end I had to get someone to write an official letter threatening them with court action if they continued to bother me!!would never recommend getting into it x