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Any belfast lipotrimmers?

Me! I'm in Belfast! Born and bred. Wouldn't want to be fat anywhere else in the world. Love it!

It's great to be nosey, keeps ya busy :D


Motivated by you lot!
I was on Lipotrim but have switched to Exante, still a VLCD though, and yes, I'm in Belfast. I still like to look through this forum as I had some great advice from peeps here.
Hiya Pete, how are you finding Exante? Is there much difference between that and LT? When did you start?


Motivated by you lot!
Hi Betsy,

I'm one of the few I think that found Lipotrim quite easy and didn't have any really bad side effects or hunger pangs etc. I've moved to Exante's Total Solution to save some money and have found it easy to stick to as well.

This is getting towards the end of my first week, and the weight does seem to be dropping as before, although my 'official' weigh-in will be Monday morning.

I am having a shake, a soup and a nutrition bar, as opposed to the male LT of two shakes a day.

Generally I find the shakes not as nice as LT but still palatable, the soups are for me quite tasty (if I could only make them without lumps lol)- about the same as LT but more flavours, and the bar is 100% nicer than the Lipotrim version.

There are also a few more flavours so the variety is nice to have. Having said that I loved the Liptotrim diet and would do it again without thinking twice.

As I took a holiday from LT I decided to look for a more cost effective diet on my return and I am paying £40.70 a week including postage for an Exante variety pack whereas I was paying £58 for Lipotrim. Had I not liked the Exante I would have returned to LT or perhaps tried the Cambridge Diet which is very similar and has great support too.

Sorry to hijack this thread.


p.s. Back on topic - I'm not actually from Belfast but I'm working here until December when I will be return to South Wales, which is my home. I love living in Belfast - have been here since April 2008.
good luck to you all !!!!

Norn Irund people are definitely a breed apart !!!!! we are special.......:)

Debz xx
Yip. Nosey cat. I'm from Hawaii. Hummu-hummu-nuku-nuku-apua'a. So I'm no good to yeeee. Mawn shoor. OH MAWMAYEE!
Well hello to all you belfast(ish) peeps, nice to know we are not on our own in this food infested city.

Also that you are all having amazing results with your weight loss journeys.

Keep up the good work folks!!!!!!!:talk017::talk017:
:553::553::553::553:OMG betsy what a great weight loss for your first few weeks....CONGRATS GIRL!!!! XX
Thank you Despy! I'm a bit miffed by the losses. Must be all that good ole Belfast air I've been getting since my legs started to work a wee bit X

We should all keep in touch and have a night out on the town when we're all stunning supermodels. Belfast won't know what's hit it!

Hiya Pete, I didn't know that we had to pay so much more for LT! It is worth it though, and the amount I used to spend on takeaways/eating out and carry outs was obscene, so I'm saving so much money. I understand your reasons for trying some other route and it's great that you're finding it easy. £18 is a big difference for much the same thing. I like the handiness of the chemist as they're lovely and encouraging. You're so lucky having a soup that is tasty. I found the LT soup vile. It did actually bring up a little bit of sick in my mouth!

I too find LT easy but I have an ironclad willpower and hate to have anything beat me. When I say I'm going to do something I do it. I hate to let myself down.

How could anyone not love living in Belfast Pete! The friendliest people in the world and the craic's great as we don't tend to take ourselves too seriously.

Debz, I was going to do Cambridge, you were nearly getting an email from me! We definitely are a breed apart, and yeah we are special, and like Chelly said everyone here has a few screws loose but that's what keeps us interesting!
Oh and ARGH! Balloons *runs* I've a phobia of balloons and you've presented me with hundreds there Despy, and they've all scary wee faces on them! :eek:
OMG my hubby has a fear of balloons too, i thought he was the only nutter on the planet lmao....pleased to meet you betsy.....no more balloons for you.....and a nite out when we are all FABULOUS sounds great!!!

COME ON THE SKINNYNESS!!!!!! xxxx:talk017::talk017::talk017:
Hahahaha! Omg I think you're my Sister from another mister as I've just read you 'Missing a shake' post and the spag bol thing and we're the same!

No, your hubby isn't the only nutter - My name is Betsy and I'm a nutter. I hate the bloody things with a passion. I'm great fun at kid's parties as I run around with a needle bursting them. The kids end up crying but at least I'm happy!

Yay bring on the skinnyness! I hope my hubby let's me out when I'm fabulous, I may be a tad too irresistable.

ARGH! I hate round chubbers with white gloves on and brown boots doing mexican waves! I've a phobia of them! You're out to get me! ;)

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