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any better sausages than the ww ones?


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Today is my first day back to WW and I chose to have eggs and ww sausages for my tea and to be honest, it wasn't great :(

I know that the ww sausages are low in fat and that's probably why they were a little dry and at 1 1/2 pnts each I guess they were ok but I'm after your oppinion on other low fat sausages please.

thanks xxx
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I like Tesco light choices sausages 2.5 points for 2, they are in the frozen section, hope this helps


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morissons healthy sausages are 1 point each or cauldrens quorn sausages are 1 point each


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oooooh, so there are plenty to choose from then. Thanks guys xxx :)


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
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i vote morrisons too, and the 5% fat spicey red pepper ones that they sell at morrisons are gorgeous too and the same pointage i believe... :)


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I'm a morrisons sausage fan too and I have to agree with you, as they are low in fat they tend to be on the dry side. I found that when I grilled them they were very dry so I dusted down my George Foreman and make them on that and they tend not to dry out. If you have one try it out x
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I love the Linda McCartney frozen vegetarian ones. I think they're about 2 points for 1 but they really do taste like meat. I love them.


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I like Tesco light choices sausages 2.5 points for 2, they are in the frozen section, hope this helps
i didn't realise this! my vote would go for morrisons, but seeing as the local one is an hours bus journey i definitely needed to find somewhere which did betters ones and in a closer supermarket, will try these thank you!
I really must try those Morrison ones. I'm not really a sausage fan but in week one I'm still trying to get to grips with what I can eat and I remember from last time I did ww a few years back that I did eat sausages at some point lol I need to take some more time out to see what you guys eat... i love this forum :flirt2::D


chunky chick :-)
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i love the asda GFY ones, they are 2.5pts for 2 and are a tad spicy yummmmm! they are a regular on my weekly shop x

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