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Any body else feeling demotivated?

I started SW in late February and so far have lost almost a stone.
I have been feeling down lately, because I'be been too busy to get to group (I work shifts) for the past two weeks, and money has been really tight. I have also stayed the same for the past two weeks which feels like a kick in the teeth.
Does anybody else feel like they've hit a bit of a plateaux? I know I need to go to group and just get back in the swing of things, but I'm finding it difficult. I also had three Subway cookies yesterday, after two quite 'bad' weeks. Eurgh.
I'm sorry if this is moany and rambling, but I don't have any slimming buddies to vent to and I felt I needed to let it all out :cry:
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Lover of Extra Easy
Well done on your weight loss. You have done so well!
We all have bad times and sometimes it really is tough to stick to plan after a couple of STS.
What helps me, is the mental image of being slim VS the old fatty me and the 1st image wins every time! As I have said, and has been said many times here, nothing tastes as good as feeling slim does.
You are more than welcome to add me as a friend, and if I can help you in any way, I will be very pleased to. It can be a tough journey, but a worthwhile one!
Good luck and hugs xxx
Awah, thank you ladies.
I've lost two pounds in last two weeks, so it's shifting. I think we just all need a little support sometimes.
Thanks Malaika, I'll add you ^_^
yeah hun we all feel like this at times but we just have to get ourselves over it cause if we don't we have done all this hard work for nothing.\
yes u do have sw friends hun u have a whole board hun feel free to vent to us we will understand and listen no matter what.
Thank you tinkerbellsmum. I can't get over how supportive everyone here is :')
lass1984 (I refuse to call you fatlass, hmph), stay with it. Ask you C for some tips to kick start your losses again. Or re-read all your slimming world literature. You've come this far (and you've done damn well) don't let it all go to waste!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've put 8lbs on since last october when I was ill , and I'm finding it hard to get started again. I think the prob is I lost 2.5 stone and I can now get into a 16 and I look much better.

You have very little to lose now so the weightloss will probably be slow, but you hung in there and it's started again , well done.


Wishing and hoping!
yes for me its a rollercoaster throughout the week, when bad times hit I just constantly have a debate in my head and repetatively the reasons why I dont want to binge. Also just focusing on a small step like one pound a week has helped tons, I tend to look at my weight as 2stone I need lose, which is all well and good but not motivating if its unachieveable hence why its important to achknowledge the small things you achieve :)
Also get excited about food, watch tons of healthy programmes, magazines which can lift you and feel inspired has also helped
Just want to add to others that sometimes its so hard to stay on track with SW. I have weeks when I try so hard to stick to the rules and lose nothing and other times just by having a wobbly moment I put on and it takes for ever to shift. This forum is very supportive though and its encouraging to know how other members feel and how they deal with difficult times. Keeps me going when it gets tough!

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