Any CDC about - I've got some questions?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Foo Fan, 22 March 2009 Social URL.

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  1. Foo Fan

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    Hi All,

    I popped in to see my CDC today cos I'm a bit worried that I'm doing something wrong...

    I was doing LT prior to CD and I had losses every week.. However I've been on CD for 2 weeks now and I've stayed at 11st 1lb since around 8th March..

    I have been SS 100% - I usually have 2 Tetra Briks during the day and a Cranberry Bar for tea - I'm also drinking around 3ltrs of water a day.

    Some of you might have seen my posts about going down a dress size - but I honestly dont think this has happened since I've been on CD - I've been holding off since end of Jan buying new trousers..

    So I dont think that I can say I've lost inches instead of Lbs.

    My CDC didnt really say much and just said she'll order me some ketosix - I advised that I already have these and I know I'm in ketosis.

    Can anyone give me any more advise that my CD did?

    Also should my weekly WI be more than getting weighed, choosing my meals and paying?
    I dont really feel I get much support from my CDC.
    I also didn't get measured at my 1st meeting - is this normal?

    Sorry for the long post !!

    Thanks in advance for your advise.
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  3. misscheeky

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    my cdc never mesured me. some do some dont.

    it could be the bars hun, although u said your in ketosis so im not to sure. just thought id reply anyways as didnt wanna read and run. hopefully a cdc will see this x
  4. LellyCD

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    Hi Sarah, sorry to hear you are feeling unsupported.
    re you doing ss? I would recommend trying some other packs and mix it up a little maybe leave out the bars for a week and see if this helps too, check that you have having all the water necessary including extra water for each tetra or bar you have (extra half pint each). how long were doing LT before you started CD? did you take a break inbetween? or has it been continuous and perhaps longer than the 12 weeks max on a VLCD? if so you perhaps need to step up to 810 (step 2) to kick start your metabolism a little.
    You could be retaining water, you will lose on a VLCD due to the low cal level, please be strong and keep going it will show on the scales eventually.
    Hope this helps
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  5. lighterby3stone

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    Cambridge SS
    Hi FooFan, I'm not sure about the weight loss problem but my CDC is great. She gives me advice and talks to me about why I overeat, how to change my habits and talks me through other problems I'm having as well. My appointments are generally 45mins to an hour and I get weighed and measured everytime. If you're not happy maybe you should think about changing CDC? I know I've really valued the support & advice of mine.
  6. biltsy

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    cd started 19/1 09 now ww started 1/4/09
    its 2.25litres a day and extra per tetra and bar. so you could up your water a little, I read on this site that your fat cells can fill up with water,(just because they can)(and want to lol) so it could be that....
    don't be down, its still working, just not showing on the scales, when it does it'll be a great Weight loss week...... and start measuring yourself
  7. night-owl

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    Cambridge Weight Plan Step 2
    Hi there, I'm not a CDC but I have been doing CD for ages and I am now about the same weight as you. First of all, many CDCs don't get round to measuring or taking before and after photos etc -- it is down to them how much they want to do to support you and I have just got on with doing these little things for myself.

    Secondly, it doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong (the packs you are having are OK and I would say stick with them if that's what you like). At 11 stone 2lbs I too am finding that I can easily plateau for 2 weeks at time. I think you are just retaining water or something. I know it is so hard to do and easy to say, but really, you are doing it right and you just need to stick at it and believe me it will start to come off. It cannot possibly fail with what you are doing.

    The only useful thing I can think of might be more fibre. Get some Fibre 89 powder from your CDC and add a teaspoon a day to your water. It could help.

    There is no harm in telling your CDC that you are disheartened and thinking of giving it up. That might focus her a little more on giving you more support lol as she will not want to lose you.

    Good luck, and hang in there!
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